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  1. So my friend's girlfriend started watching Fate Zero

    After procrastinating for 6 years


    She only watched it for Gilles because she thought he was adorable but nobody escapes the light of Alexander
  2. Fapping at work?

  3. Fan-Made Servant and Master Sheet List

    The following are the Servant sheets and Master sheets I have created, which should all be available in Create-A-Servant 2 and Create-A-Master respectively. While they are all mostly derivative and hold little value compiling them should help me with working on them and show anyone who has recently got into making fan characters that you aren't immediately expected to live up to the standard of work that others have created.

    Servant Sheets:


    Jean Jacques Rousseau ...

    Updated September 3rd, 2018 at 06:02 AM by sherlock1110

  4. What meaning to life is there....

    ... besides 42 and learning about people's toilet habits?
  5. Holiday Stuff Yo

    I mentioned this in RT but a blog was a bit more appropriate.

    After spending monday morning packing, I picked up my girlfriend and drove of with my parents to Center Parcs for the week. We spent most of Monday walking around the forest we went the the central sports village where the activity centre and restaurants are and after eating, we went straight to our villa. After me and my gf called dibs on the master bedroom (it has a double bedand a tv built in the walls) we ended up having ...
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