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  1. Doo dee doo

  2. AUBE

    Near Future Symphony

    Updated May 13th, 2017 at 10:13 AM by T-Toh

  3. Okita-san~

    Oh noes, what is happening to Okita-san?
  4. Rainbow Saber

    Quote Originally Posted by Fate of a Saber View Post
    My first Fate/EXTELLA AMV Altera X Hakuno - Eternity - Enjoy!

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.

    Fate/EXTELLA Spoilers ahead.
  5. Story of my life....

    Take a shit in the morning when I wake up. Think I am okay.

    Get on train. Have an extreme urge to shit my pants. Have to fight that urge till I get to my workplace toilet.

    Basically it's all shit. My life, the train, my pants, the toilet. Nothing but shit.