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  1. Very Verg Avesta Summer

    So huh. Let's take a look at fics!

    Anyways, since I have so many projects going and coming right now, I thought I'd introduce each of them in order to bring some clarity into the situation, and iniate those who have no idea what these are all about. So how 'bout it, y'all? Let's get started~

    --------------------Verg Avesta Fics--------------------

    Currently written

    1. Fate/Somnium Summer Redux
    - Restarted and re-vamped version of my ...
  2. There are some nights where I have deep, philosophical debates in my head.

    But tonight is not one of those nights, for I have instead wondered if William Wallace would have liked pizza.

  3. The Amazing that is Animetal USA.

    Good lord.

    Surfing the internet, I never had such a great stumble-upon than this band.

    Mother of God their good.


    This is just some of their covers.

    Their second album has three Kamen Rider themes and Cutie Honey.

    And then JAM Project decided to team up with them this year for a tour. ...
  4. From the trenches (IIII): The remaining cast.

    by , June 10th, 2012 at 11:17 PM (Just Persona 5 things)
    So while being internetless was no fun I did play a lot more VCIII. Look it's the remaining main cast from VCII


  5. Genetics is a strange strange thing...

    I was driving by a forest today, and commented to my friend in the passenger's seat about how fast the trees seemed to grow. His reply was:

    "Of course they do, they are all genetically engineered for that."

    ... Hah?

    I don't have anything against GE, but I didn't realise that it was so widespread in NZ. Heck, most people here have an allergic reaction to the G word. From what my friend said, the trees are engineered to grow faster, straighter, and ...