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  1. 2016 Fanfiction Contest Thoughts - Reflections of the Moon

    Written 9PM 03/15/2016

    Before forgetting, I wanted to write some notes about this story, so I can post these when the judging is finally done. Because judging usually takes a long time.

    First, I would like to thank all the judges for reading and then giving their honest opinion of this work, and secondly I would like to thank my two betas Glow and Nuclear once more. The work is a lot better because of you two.

    Moon’s Corral has been a work in progress since ...

    Updated March 29th, 2016 at 11:38 PM by You

  2. Muh Mech-fu

    A 35 tonner Jenner IIC-3. It's XL295 rated engine allows it a top speed 146.8kph with speed tweak.

    Armed with a quartet of small pulse lasers for precision rectal exams and a pair of SRM6 launchers with 300 rounds of suppository action.

    Clench your buttcheeks.
  3. Stugan (or building games in the woods)!

    Imagine yourself...

    ...spending two months in a (very large) cabin in the woods, hundreds of KM from any major human settlement, building the game of your dreams in the company of twenty other indie devs from around the world.

    (Food, Lodging, Fast Internet all provided!)

  4. Last Day: Anime Japan 2016 convention

    Home now. Before we started on the long trip home on the last day, we went to the Anime Japan 2016 convention. Well...some of us did. Anyway, it wasn't as cool as I had hoped, but still worth checking out. We went too late in the day though, so we missed most of the events...And most of the cool merchandise was sold out everywhere as well...Oh well.

    The Tokyo Big Sight building where the convention was held. It's HUGE:

  5. All Dark Souls 3 Endings [Spoilers]