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    Quote Originally Posted by tuepiko
    I quite like your idea, just a small question: What main role plays Kirei in your timeline? (Well apart from dying ig). I would also like to hear your thought how Shirou's Reality Marble would look like, if he can create one at all.
    Kirei would be a merged version of his HF and Fate route selves, having moments where he gets to know Shirou (like saving Illya together in HF) only to try and use her as the grail like in the Fate route, essentially the main antagonist but retaining all the build up that allows Shirou to understand him and even like him in HF.

    The Shirou here is mostly his UBW version, though I haven't sat down and thought about it I wouldn't be surprised if there was a tiny bit more focus on Avalon/Excalibur because he's closer to Saber (cuz of merging the routes). I do think I want him to know of Avalon's existence inside him which he doesn't in some of the timelines. I can even see him tossing the real one to Saber before the Gil fight because this version has a reality marble he can fight Kirei with, which simultaneously could be written into a strong character moment where he willingly gives up the overpowered healing he has to "fight his own battles on an equal playing field", sort of. Just ideas stirred by your question but that's the sort of stuff that I'd be brainstorming to write this either way I suppose.
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    I wanted to make “The New Era”, the final chapter of my LunarFate saga - to kickstart Fate/Grand Order. I had no idea that arc began in 2015; I thought it began in 2030. I was disappointed in that foiled project. So, I guess - I’ll have “The Scarred Stars” be my final chapter of the LunarFate saga. It was going to be a good story.
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    I quite like your idea, just a small question: What main role plays Kirei in your timeline? (Well apart from dying ig). I would also like to hear your thought how Shirou's Reality Marble would look like, if he can create one at all.
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    How up to date is this? Do you plan on adding to this blog in the future?
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    I still enjoy pulling up and going through particular scenes now and again. It hasn’t lost its charm for me. It feels richer now being able to understand more context and depth.

    I wouldn’t just replay through the entire thing though. I just don’t do that in general for the most part.
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    Maintaining interest in rereading FSN feels like a difficult task in itself. I think that challenging yourself by trying to spot the foreshadowing or the details that you didn't really remember might be a good way to go about it. Or, if you have TM-itis, taking notes and marking references for future arguments lul

    God that weekend I powered through it really was more than a decade ago, where has the time gone
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    Can you add archer David-hayk to your grand list.
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    I've been trying to re-read it recently as well, primarily since my formative reads of it were in English, back when the translation of it was first released (2008-9?). Equipped with proper Japanese literacy, I decided it'd be a fun project to go through. That said, eventually it fell by the wayside given all the other things I take upon myself to do in my free-time.

    It is as you say though. Despite the new language, it's not exactly bringing back the past.
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    Gacha game. Gun bois; nuff said.

    World Flipper
    Japanese pinball game. Sort of cutesy style, but some of the characters already have swimsuit alts if that's a consideration.

    Dragalia Lost
    Gacha game. Anime fantasy style with busy backgrounds. Also has characters with costume alts.

    King's Raid
    Korean MMO, anime fantasy style, but there's a lot of detail packed into it.
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    Oh, Destiny Child is a good source for angel/demon character arts.
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    Handy, I've used Sid-Story FCs for a few characters at this point. Not a game but the Pixiv Fantasia tag on image booru sites is pretty effective for finding fantasy-themed character art. Also Princess Royale has some pretty wild designs for myth and fairy-tale figures (I used one for my Don Quixote Servant) and some RPG called Shinwa Sousei Amadeus has some sci-fi Greek god styled art that might go well with TM's take on the Machine Gods. Oh and I haven't used it much but Bungou To Alchemist is a gacha game with various classic Japanese writers as summonable heroes a la GO, might help finding FCs for those figures.
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    thanks guys. there is much good stuff out there, hard to make all the art you like into servants
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    Here's one more from one of my favorite gacha:
    Sdorica - A pretty generic but charming fantasy with a bit of a weird appeal to furries.
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    Oho, let me contribute with some of the other fandoms I know...

    Otogi Spirit Agents (RIP)
    Historical figures and mythological characters. In a similar vein to Onmyoji, but with more western characters as well.

    Ayakashi Ghost Guild (RIP)
    A precursor to Otogi. Pretty sure uses the same artist as the former. Historical figures and mythical characters.

    Brave Frontier
    Mostly fantasy. Designs are pretty good but very... chibified, according to the game's artstyle. Might have to look up fanarts via Pinterest, Pixiv, etc.

    Ace Attorney
    Not a gacha, but I did use some fcs from here. Relatively average-looking people, but they do have some wacky designs every now and then. Characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are more fitting if you're looking for more historical designs, due to the game being set in Meiji-era Japan and Victorian England.
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    This will be very handy, thank you.
    By the way, it's Forever 7 Days. Basically the units in the this game are normal humans with Noble Phantasms.