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  1. Fate/Grand Order Mats

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    Why equate boundary to horizon though?
    Nasu: "You keep up with me Narita, I'm locking this lore behind seven layers of references"

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    Bedivere I imagine Rhongomyniad is one of them. Even the Knights of the Round Table were not informed of it.
    Bedivere: Merlin called it the “Tower at the Ends of the World.”
    Bedivere: A pillar of light that stands far west of the Isle of Britain. A tower that stands beyond the horizon... at the edge of the world.
  2. The Counter GARdians

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  3. Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    The Grand Orders are 72 special challenges given to Solomon's 72 Western magecraft disciples, with a guarantee that they'll be able to reach the Fount if they solve this super riddle. And the Pillars are 72 demons used as the base for the original 72 Magic Crests.

    Anyone stated to be a direct Solomon disciple or descendant has a Pillar.
    Anyone stated to have a Grand Order has a Pillar.
    Anyone stated to have a Pillar has a Pillar.

    Combining these three conditions,
  4. Hello, I introduce myself.

    Hello, how are you? I hope very well.

    You can call me Eien.

    I haven't been in this forum long but I've been knowing it for almost a year but until now I dared to enter. I am a Spanish speaker but I know some English, although they recommended that I try to communicate more in English to learn, so I am trying to integrate.

    I have been in the beautiful world that is the Nasuverse for some time now and I am quite a fan and well the Spanish community of ...
  5. Tsukihime thoughts (Arc route)

    These feelings of disgust and revulsion @ FGO aren't really dying down, so I'm reading Tsukihime in the hopes that it doesn't take root. I'm using the SA LP for ease of access, hence the occasional references to "part [X]". I will probably update this as I go rather than making new entries. Blog posts for each route; this could get long depending on how much time Shiki devotes to his anorexic woman act.

    - This must have slapped for anyone who had no idea what they were in ...

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