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  1. Oh man somehow I got Semiramis

    .... but I wanted New Year Camilla. Instead I got Ogma, Eldigan and a second Mia. What is this. FUYUKAI DESU. Still trying to get Eirika. Those 50 orbs looked like such a boon but now they are dust like I never got them.

    But at least loli Nun is out. But I didn't get Violet Executor. Fuck. Chapter Xuanyuan is also ending way too soon, damn I'm not done yet. Why does it have to be concurrent with Chiyou?

    I need to not juggle so many games jesus.

    Updated February 3rd, 2018 at 06:04 AM by Depletion_Garden

  2. Demon Hunterz Season 2 complete

    I completed the second season of Demon Hunterz. It features Christopher and company fighting against Suija, the Sea Demon, and her minions.

    I have both .docx and .pdf files of this season available now @

    I could be working on the Demon Hunterz OVAs right now, but my primary focus is on what could be the final chapter of the LunarFate saga called "The Scarred Stars". I'll start making the story around the middle of June this year. Also I ...
  3. Ramesseum Tentryis

    For a while there's slight controversy of RT how and why it's a type of Reality Marble. Mostly because, lets face it, it seems more like a NP like Domus than say Babbage's Steampunk Convention or Nobu's Fire Everywhere Lets Get Naked.
    I was reading the new old Case Files, the first part of the atlas one. Haven't had much time to read lately because of school. But I got to the part where they Waver was talking about graves and worlds after death. Mostly a rehash of Babylon for the parts about ...
  4. I got Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014) on DVD From the UK!


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  5. Chaldea Archive Project - Chapter 5 update 20032018

    Story - North America completed
    Events - Garden of Order and Prison Tower are being uploaded
    Servants - not in future plans

    Prologue & Fuyuki ; France ; Rome ; Okeanos ; London ; North America ;

    Garden of Order ; Prison Tower

    Updated March 20th, 2018 at 09:39 AM by Aozaki-desu (update)