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  1. Theory on Saint Graph Designation: Stranger

    The following is an excerpt from a paper published within Clock Tower's Department of Summoning, written on the topic of the potential existence of an undiscovered Extra Class.

    Theory concerning the qualification and manifestation of a Saint Graph Designation "Stranger", especially within the context of Ghost Liners

    Eulyphis Faculty, Department of Summoning

    Kana Tenou Metanovae


    This thesis is concerned with the underlying ...

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  2. List of my servants for easy access

    The following are all the Servants I have created in all of Beast's Lair so far. Feel free to look through them!
    Total #: 4

    Saber: 1 total
    Tyrion (Alter)

    Lancer: total

    Archer: total

    Rider: total

    Caster: 1 total
    Jayavarman VII

    Assassin: 1 total

    Berserker: total

    Ruler: total

    Avenger: total

    Alter Ego: total

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  3. Chapter 6.5 speculation

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghosteen18 View Post
    Ah, I can partially agree, They did not represent Islam well, BUT; they did represent one part of our sector> LIke how Christians have Catholics and Protestans and all others, we have The Sunnah Wal Jamaah ( the standard issue) and the Syiah's.
    Under the Syiah sect, we have the Imamiyah, Zaidiyah and lastly, the infamous Hassan i -Sabbah's; The Zabaniyah (Zabaniya) sect. And I daresay they are representing that particular sector well.

    conclusion, they didn't represent
  4. What is the optimal nipple size?

    I think dollar coin diameter and an inch long sounds about right.
  5. Impression of some Stay Night fanworks by Himura Kiseki

    My lord. Sword Dancers is pretty wild.

    When I woke up today, I did not expect to find out that the creator of Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (Himura Kiseki) had created some fanworks of Fate/Stay Night while looking through a TYPE-MOON iceberg. (Please note that these are not Ero-doujins no matter how lewd they may seem)

    Fate/Stay Night - Sword Dancers - It's F/SN, but with a Female Archer. Well, except for the fact
    that she's actually Illya who turned into
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