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    A serpent evil spirit (alternatively, a wicked dragon) spoken about in the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata.
    With a name meaning "obstacle", it has been told to possess the power to dam up waters and induce droughts.
    The one to defeat Vritra and release these waters was the god Indra. Vritra was constantly depicted as Indra's enemy, and their conflict was supposedly repeated many times over in mythology.

    Indra's alias of Vṛitrahan means "he who kills Vritra".

    Dragon of the dammed region(1), Vritra.
    A draconic species and a divine spirit that embodied the concept of "obstacle" itself.
    Something that dams up the world.
    Upon manifesting as a Servant, that has been minimalized into a human form.

    Although often depicted as an evil god that brings about droughts, it has also been interpreted as a "giant of winter".

    If Vritra embodies the very "condition where water is absent (has been dammed up)" - such as a severe winter - then the Thunder God Indra that opposes it embodies the very "condition where that (the hardships from droughts and winter) was defeated, and a merciful rain falls after water has been released".

    The reason why it has been summoned in a female body is a mystery.
    Given the episode of how it died after becoming spellbound by the beauty Rambha, who was dispatched in accordance to one of Indra's schemes, it may be imitating said Rambha. Or maybe, by becoming a beauty herself, she is displaying her determination of "not falling for Indra's coward tricks again".

    Fundamentally, it is a being that transcended the concept of gender. Since its true nature does not change either way, Servant Vritra has nothing but a female disposition that is just enough to match its current form.

    Having an absolute necessity such a water dammed up is, of course, an agony for humans.
    It is wicked and evil. Thus, she is a wicked dragon.
    However, as a matter of fact, that was also something necessary for the world.
    Just like the discharge of a dam, the breath of a sprout in spring, in this world there is such a thing like "a vigor only born after being held back once".
    What she truly governs over is the "obstacle that is a necessary evil for the sake of evolution", "evolution that surely awaits beyond a surmounted obstacle".

    More than anything else, she finds pleasure in seeing people (or even the world itself) grow after overcoming the hardships and obstacles that she prepared.
    This is not affection, but a sense of enjoyment that is unilateral and condescending - truly befitting of a god.
    That is why she does not hold back nor shows any reservations.
    Despite preparing an obstacle that could even be seen as an absolute evil, that is not because she has any wishes to exterminate humans in particular.
    She just wants to see a stronger future, stronger world, stronger humanity.
    In other words, a sadism towards the entire world.
    Putting in another way, she is an overly harsh world trainer and audience.
    Someone who believes in the strength of people while being "in the evil side".

    Although Ganesha was also a god of obstacles originally, due to the effects of religious beliefs, his current disposition was mostly converted into that of a "god of fortune that removes obstacles".
    That is not the case with Vritra, who stoically "produces obstacles" to the bitter end.
    There is no leniency in her actions. Much less compassion.
    She simply wants to enjoy herself in her own self-indulgence--- that of seeing the figure of people, the world as they surmount her obstacles and grow.

    Height/Weight: 169cm・55kg
    Source: Hindu mythology
    Region: India
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Gender: Female
    She holds the vajra that was once shot into her mouth.

    Destined Divine Enemy: A
    Although Vritra is depicted in many forms across legends, her role itself never changes.
    Fundamentally a being that opposes god; this skill denotes her immutable position and meaning of existence.

    Eternally Indestructible Demon: EX
    Supposedly, even if defeated by Indra, Vritra will once again revive after enough time has passed and begin her conflict with the god anew.
    A skill that denotes such eternal repetition, indestructibility that could be even likened to a natural phenomenon.
    The confrontation between "Vritra, who dams up water (brings about droughts, or maybe imprisons it on mountains and clouds)" and "Indra, who releases it by means of thunderstorms" was not a one time thing. Rather, it is something that has been repeated since the remote past and will also continue on eternally in the future.
    Possibly, this is the very primordial religious belief in regards to gods and nature.
    By means of an intensity equivalent to the reverence that people had towards nature when they turned it into a god, Vritra rules as an indestructible demon.


    Asura Shreshtha - O Demon, Completely Cover Heaven and Earth
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 9~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 people
    A Noble Phantasm crowned with one of Vritra's aliases, meaning "best among the Asuras".
    By employing an army of demons (be them underlings or offshoots of her own self), she covers the world in accordance to her own meaning of existence, causing the target to become isolated. Just like how the "mountain" in the legends of "Vritra imprisoning waters in a mountain with its own body" can be interpreted as a "cloud", that appearance is much like an ominous cloud falling across the world.

    At the same time that she is a wicked dragon, Vritra has also been depicted as an Asura (demonic being), even possessing the name of Asurendra (king of Asuras).
    In the Mahabharata, there are descriptions of Vritra leading a large army of demonic beings (such as Kalakeyas and Rakshasas) to harass the Indra and the other gods. Consequentially, she can also employ this as an army of pure violence, and not just as an Authority to "dam up something".

    (1) the Japanese term 堰界 (ikai) has no direct equivalent in English and this is the closest translation I could come up with. Most likely, this is a completely original word born out of a pun with the term 異界 (ikai; spirit world)

    Karna (Santa)
    Karna (Santa)

    Karna turned into a Santa due many circumstances.

    Christmas is a once in a year occasion when everybody "wish for a present".
    Once he realized that Santa Claus is the very being who take on those wishes upon himself, and that he had the power to meet those expectations, Karna naturally had no hesitations about shouldering that role.
    "Santa, please give me a present". He quite naturally answer to such wishes from the children with a "I see. Then I shall present you". The type of Santa Claus who grants wishes neither too much or too little.
    Cool and with a lack of friendliness, but he is by no means cold. It is just that his kindness is hard to be conveyed.

    For some reason, his fighting methodology turned into a strait-laced boxing style.
    Thanks to that, he ended up remembering the training period in which he practiced diligently bare fists along with his brethren, and that apparently increased his "feelings of desire towards pure martial training and his own growth".

    Although it may appear as if he is no different from usual, in a sense one could also say that his mentality became "younger".
    Despite maintaining himself always cool, he can also behave in a passionate manner akin to the protagonist of a shonen manga just like that.

    Height/Weight: 178cm・65kg
    Source: The Glorious Santa Claus Road
    Region: India
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    His AGI parameter has been optimized for factors such as the punching speed and stepping speed of his boxing style.

    Riding: -
    Due having acquired a boxing style, he has lost the Riding skill despite being in the Saber Class.
    Although he is a Santa, Karna does not ride a sleigh. A boxer should just silently walk (do road work).

    Divinity: A
    The fact that he is the son of the Sun God Surya does not change even after he became a Santa.
    "Santa is the sun of the children. If anything, one could even say that Surya himself is a Santa".
    There was a Santa who indifferently said such a thing at the cafeteria.
    And behind him, Arjura kept making a puzzled face from beginning to end while eating curry.

    Hard Puncher: EX
    A skill that denotes the sheer might of his punching attacks.
    He possesses a sure-kill fist that can knock out the enemy with a single blow.

    Foot Santa: A
    A wondrous skill that combined together footwork and Santa Claus.
    The foundation of Santa Karna's fighting style.
    A skill that denotes the footwork, stepping techniques seen in boxing.
    In addition to things such as appropriate distance control in accordance to the situation, a high-speed stepping that does not miss even the slightest opening from the enemy, attack evasion by means of footwork and etc, this also allows him to walk as a Santa Claus that delivers presents on foot with certainty, no matter in what sort of dangerous location the recipient might be (such as fields of lava or heavy snow).

    Fist of Flash: A
    This Karna does not possess a spear, grasping only a fist.
    However, that does not mean a decline in fighting power.
    Having been trained by Drona - a master proficient in all sorts of martial arts - Karna is also familiar with bare-handed combat.
    If anything, the accumulated past recollections of having diligently studied martial arts together with Arjuna, Ashvatthaman and the others gave birth to a fresh sensation, causing his body to become lighter than when it was being dragged by the weight of his spear.

    The fastest speed of the punches that he can unleash surpasses the speed of light, so those who face against him will only be able to catch a glimpse of the traces of a fist that is much like a flash... perhaps.
    This also resembles an unwavering sword flash; in other words, his fists are truly like a drawn blade.
    "That is why the present me became a Saber."
    There was a Santa who resonantly said such a thing at the cafeteria.
    And behind him, Ashvatthaman kept making a puzzled face from beginning to end while eating chicken.


    Winning Arkaputra - Saint Consecutive Fist
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A finish combination that Santa Karna unleashes for the sake of victory.
    After performing an agile weaving so to not let the opponent focus on him, he steps in one go and blow away the enemy with a barrage of hooks from left and right, then two consecutive left jabs, followed by right straight and a upper punch in the end.
    Of course, all these punches have both the Santa Power and his strength as a son of Surya fully charged into them, with nothing held back. In special, in that upper launched at the very end, the surplus energy is expressed in a sublime manner by becoming wings of light, or a halo. The destructive power of this combination is on super galactic levels, and those who receive it fall flat on the mat with an impact akin of being struck by a meteorite.

    Arkaputra is one of Karna's aliases, meaning "child of the sun".

    Graharaja Santa Cross - Saint Crossing Fist
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    A one-hit one-kill cross-counter punch, which this Karna devised as his finishing blow.
    This was created because, in addition to awakening to a boxing style as soon as he became a Santa Claus, Karna learned about the existence of a sure-kill punch in boxing called cross-counter and for some reason reached the conclusion that "the knockout blow of a Santa is the cross-counter, and surely that is the reason why his name is Santa Claus".
    It is impossible to perceive this technique by sight.
    The fist released in perfect match to the enemy attack will strike at the chin of said enemy like a beam, drawing a single trace of light akin to the glimmer of the sun.
    That appearance resembles even a slash from the holy sword of the planet; in other words, this is a sure-kill fist and a sure-kill sword(1).

    "Graharaja" means "king of constellations" and is one of the aliases of the Sun God Surya.

    (1) this is a pun. The Japanese terms for "sure-kill fist" (必殺拳) and "sure-kill sword" (必殺剣) can both be read as "hissatsu ken"

    Senji Muramasa (Shirou)
    Senji Muramasa

    A swordsmith from Kuwana, Ise Province.
    His pseudonym during the Bunki period was Uemon no Jou.
    Regarded as the founder of the swordsmith clan that produced blades of most excellent sharpness during the Sengoku period (although there are documents from the Edo period indicating the existence of three earlier generations of Muramasas - from the supposed founder of the Jouji period until the one from Ouei - the oldest sword that can be confirmed as a work of the Muramasa clan belongs to the early Bunki period. As such, this work regards the Muramasa of the Bunki years as the founder).

    He appears in the ďSeven Contests of Master Swordsmen Heroic SpiritsĒ as a Heroic Spirit dispatched by the Counter Force, while in the blanked Earth he is a Heroic Spirit summoned by the "God from Another Planet".
    Really, what is his truth, inner feelings....?

    "Huh? There is nothing strange or mysterious about it!
    So long I can perform my job in an acceptable manner, I'm fine either way!

    An old man who devoted his life to the manufacture of swords.
    His appearance in this manifestation is very much that of a virile young man, but his mentality is instead closer to someone in his final years.
    His personality is vigorous, showing no hesitations nor concerns about the future.
    His speech is mostly curt, and one cannot call him friendly by any standards.
    At a first glance, it is easy to think of him as a coldhearted person, but once you get to know him you discover that he very good at looking after others.
    A man with a chivalrous spirit.

    While indeed the personality of Muramasa himself, this is also the personality of the body that became his vessel.... Or maybe, the young man who became the vessel might have attained this personality if he were to lead a fulfilling life until his old age.

    A (workaholic) person who takes pride in "completing" the job he was commissioned with to a point that he finds acceptable - regardless of the contents of said commission or who the client is.
    Although he can choose to take cruel・cold-blooded measures for the sake of his job at times, it seems that he simply cannot bring himself to perform heretic deeds.

    Back in the Sengoku Era (a time when a vast number of blades were forged), many great swordsmiths had set up shop all over Japan.
    On occasion, they would even join the battlefield and repair the blades that were damaged during combat.
    Among them, the swordsmith of Kuwana in the Ise Province - Senji Muramasa - was well known as a skilled artisan, and his blades were especially sought by the warriors of Mikawa.

    There are legends about the blades of the Muramasa clan.
    Supposedly, they were bewitched swords that brought calamity to the family of the Tokugawa shoguns.
    The blade employed in the assassination of Ieyasu's grandfather, Matsudaira Kiyoyasu.
    The blade that cut down his father, Hirotada.
    The blade that assisted in the suicide of his eldest son, Matsudaira Nobuyasu.
    And the blade that injured Ieyasu himself...
    Supposedly, all of those blades bore the name "Muramasa".

    A famous sword, and also a Tokugawa-slaying bewitched sword. The fearsome Muramasa.
    In many narrativeskabuki plays, the name "Muramasa" is used for bloody bewitched swords.
    It also appears in legends regarding antagonists of the Tokugawa.
    In 1651, Yu Shousetsu was supposedly in possession of a Muramasa when he plotted to overthrow the shogunate. In the "Meishou Genkouroku", Sanada Yukimura was also described as the owner of a Muramasa.

    During the Bakumatsu, many patriots intent on overthrowing the shogunate sought for Muramasa blades, including Saigou Takamori. When the Boshin War broke out, the commander-in-chief of he Eastern front, Prince Arisugawa Taruhito, was supposedly carrying a "Muramasa".

    Height/Weight: 167cm・58kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Although my heart is that of an old geezer in the brink of death, I got a body that I can treat as unreasonably as I want.
    Is this what they call feeling rejuvenated?

    Territory Creation: A
    Senji Muramasa operates while based in his own workshop--- his smithy.
    Of course, this is something completely different from those employed by the magi, but it appears that he has been granted the Class Skill of a Caster due an interpretation made when he manifested as a Servant.
    As a chief of craftsmen, he possesses an extraordinary Territory Creation ability.

    Appreciation for Swords: A
    A skill falsely similar to Appreciation for Fine Arts.
    An understanding towards armaments. Just by taking a single glance at ordinary weapons that are not Noble Phantasms, he is able to grasp how it should be used in a fight. At A Rank and above, he is also able to understand weapons other than swords.
    It works as an accurate advice towards allies, and he is also able to see through the weak points of enemies.

    Inauspicious at Present: B
    A skill derived from the legends surrounding the blades endowed with the name of Muramasa, the so called "Bewitched Sword Muramasa" legends.
    Supposedly, the swords produced by Senji Muramasa and his clan brought calamity to the ruling Tokugawa House.
    In FGO, it works as a "special efficacy towards statesmen・kings".

    Test Cutting: B+
    Also called tameshi-giri, tameshi kenjutsu.
    A technique to measure the performance, sharpness of a sword.
    Senji Muramasa can freely draw out the destructive power that the weapon in his hands is furnished with. If he feels like it, it is even possible to draw out the maximum force that would cause said weapon to break itself in a single swing.

    Eyes of Karma: A
    A latent ability of his body. A variation of the skill Clairvoyance.
    It improves both motionless and dynamic vision.
    Powers of observation that are specialized for only combat maneuvers.
    With this body, it is impossible to perceive fate like a proper Clairvoyance... or so it should have been. But, thanks to Muramasa's own sense of values (who spent his entire lifetime staring at the "karma" found amidst the flames), these eyes of the falcon reached a point where they can pierce not only the prey, but also the causality that lies ahead.

    Blaze: EX
    Casting exercises in which he invests his body and soul, to the point of burning himself to ashes.

    "All convergences(1), all longstanding desires, all untimely deaths---
    Those were all for the sake of reaching this single sword.


    Tsumukari Muramasa - Sourceless Sword Creation
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 10 people
    A Noble Phantasm that manufactures the ultimate sword.
    After generating a wasteland of countless swords by means of the deployment of a peculiar Reality Marble (supposedly, that scenery somewhat resembles the "Unlimited Blade Works (Infinite Sword Creation) of Heroic Spirit EMIYA"), all these swords crumble and scatter as if snow crystals until a single blade remains in Senji Muramasa's hand.
    Its slash severs time space and causality altogether.
    The blade's name is "Tsumukari Muramasa".
    Tsumukari comes from the "Tsumukari no Tachi (also called "Tsumuha no Tachi")".
    In other words, it denotes the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi/Kusanagi no Tsurugi - the divine treasure that appeared from the tail of the greatest calamity dragon of Japan, Yamata no Orochi. A red-eyed apparition possessing eight heads and eight tails that boasted an enormous size, spanning across eight peaks and valleys, it was ultimately killed by Susanoo no Mikoto.

    (1) although I have no proof, I believe that the term 収斂 (shuuren; 'astringency' or 'convergence') used here is a pun of sorts regarding 修練 (shuuren; 'training' or 'discipline')
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
    I say start from your own, if you'd like. Compiling everyone's Skills will take massive amounts of time and effort as you said, but starting with your own sheets first shouldn't be as hard. Maybe if more and more people would start doing that, a complete Beast Lair Skill Compendium might not be so impossible, eventually.
  3. DelRey's Avatar
    I had this idea too, but with many more skills of other creators as well. But that would be a terrible ordeal. One would need to start per creator and then go through all their works and compile their non-prf skills...
    Oh lawd i can imagine me doing this
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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey
    here are the custom icons WF cropped for us, so you have icons for Saver, Watcher and GK
    Oh, I just noticed this. Absolute legends the both of you.

    EDIT: They're a bit mis-sized, but I don't know how to fix that...
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    I'm not a TM fan nor do I want to be one because of the disappointment you guys had to go through however, I do see why people were in the first place. I'm actually super jealous of the fans who knew TM from the get go and experience when they were just a doujin group. I'm just a nobody that heard about this site and decided to finally visit it because I wanted to see if this site had a distaste for FGO and the current TM and I was right. It was a Dullahan post that was really long, while I read some parts of it, something about a refrigerator and some shit but anyways, the whole point was for my very own two eyes was to see I wasn't alone about the distaste for FGO. I'm all in for FGO just to ride and die. The one thing that if I had to like about FGO is just Mashu.

    FGO shouldn't even exist, it's nothing more than GREED that's all. TM took the offer and decided to play this stupid gacha charade for all these years beforehand when they announced Mahoyo, Girls Works, and Tsukihime remake. A promise they made to the fans yet they were the first ones to break it. I can't imagine what their colleagues thought during that time but there had to be no doubt arguments. Personally, Iím very surprised there wasnít a big rant or commotion about the FGO release but the video I saw and interviews were good enough for me.

    Supposedly I heard it was supposed to go like this Mahoyo one, Tsukihime remake, Mahoyo two and three. Sadly, it didn't happen in the expansion of 2012-2020. I don't even know if they even still want to continue their non fate work to this point because they don't care or communicate. If TM really cared they would shut down FGO and go back to their traditional games.

    If I was a fan from the very beginning, I probably would've felt the same that you're feeling and the rest sigh... Just even thinking about it makes me feel despair DAGA I REFUSE TO FEEL THAT WAY. WHY I DONíT WANT TO FEEL THAT WAY BECAUSE THERE IS MAGIC IN THAT HOPE.

    I donít know if this solution will work for you but it works for me!

    When I read the TM history on Tsuki kan. I thought about the sheer amount of blood and sweat they had to preserve just to make Tsukihime. The one thing that really caught my attention was the words written by Kinoko Nasu and reading them. In a sense when I write down on a piece of paper and write whatever I feel thatís me thatís my soul and then it hits me. IT WAS THEIR SOUL THEY INSCRIBE IN THEIR WORKS THAT SPEAKS TO ME AND WHEN I DONíT SEE IT ANYMORE I SUCCUMB TO THIS

    I would just make TM memes, videos, jokes, scripts.
    I listen to Fukasawa Hideyuki - WINGS
    I fap to Neco Arc
    I see fanart and videos
    I replay their games and reread their works.


    Personally, I think the only way to hurt TYPE-MOON in the best way possible is to hit them where it hurts. I think the only way to do that was to make an anime of Carnival Phantasm S2, Girl works, Mahoyo, and Tsukihime. Just to get under their skin of the works they were supposed to do but itís being shown in their very eyes however Iím not talented enough to do that but maybe if I was a fan before and the release of fgo. I wouldíve jumped the gun.


    It's ironic that Tsukihime was the beginning of TM and now we finally get to see a traditional TYPE-MOON work after all these years.

    TYPE-MOON Fes. is within the next year and by any chance most of what they show is mostly FATE and FGO. I would be inspired once again to continue my projects and make fun of them just like those before me who made jokes about the FSN 15th logo.

    However, if you truly want to be done with them then by all means, it's your choice. It was just a mere coincidence that I saw this blog and was inspired but remembered the good memories. Never replace or forget those.
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    here are the custom icons WF cropped for us, so you have icons for Saver, Watcher and GK
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran
    I can't say I disagree with that, and Manaka herself opens up some interesting possibilities, storywise - though I admit, I'm only passingly familiar with Prototype. Still, perhaps I should look into joining . . .?
    Go ahead, its open! (Super late response, I am painfully aware. Sorry about that.)
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    Here's a link of why those chapters in the volume were short.
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    I was bored so I watched Deen Stay Night and then wanted to watch more. etc etc.
    Embarrassingly enough, the original vn is the furthest I've gone
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    Just checked these out. Love the icon designs. Especially like how it incorporated Bazett's Command Spells. XD
    I assume she's one of the heroes who qualifies? XD
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    I will also be working on a re-edit of the LunarFate saga and backstories of my main characters, this summer as well. Hopefully I'll return to make the EX Edition of my Demon Hunters saga this fall.
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    This is as good a time as any to say "Ho-lee shee-it".
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    yeah that makes sense