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  1. Beast The Wendigo Curse Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    So while entirely out of nowhere (I have been wanting to do more servants from different parts of the world, I found a bunch of cool wendigo art a while back after being inspired by Delrey’s work with Sir John Franklin and Sir James Clark Ross & Lady Jane Franklin as sheets {as well as a sheet a while back on Wendigo which came up with the idea of it being a concept of breaking taboos, while I can’t remember it’s maker I can say it was an influence on my work}, I was partly inspired by
  2. I Am Legally Required To Make This Compendium

    Normal Servants:


    Not a whole lot to work with for Rati, and the one other ability she has (making illusions to have sex with people) wasn't something I could make reader-friendly. Still, not a half-bad sheet.


    Big fan of my fucked up momma's girl. First Servant I made that I immediately felt I did a good job with. The technical "alternate" participant of the

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  3. Upcoming Sheets

    Obviously subject to change, and will be updated every so often. Have some internet points and a sense of pride and accomplishment if you can guess their identities before I put them out.

    Currently working on these...

    ????? of the Archipelago: Daughter of ????
    Tell me, do you comprehend the depths of your folly? Have your kind finally come to beg for forgiveness and salvation after the hell you've put us through? Or have you come to embrace your own hypocrisies? ...

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  4. Lancer Erlang-Shen Additional Information

    Dev Notes

    So I originally came up with the idea of mixing Yu the Great and Erlang-Shen early on, and considering the parallels, I think it worked out pretty alright. I tried my best to combine the varying stories of Erlang-Shen into 1 cohesive narrative (I also even tied the Investiture of the gods into his lore to try and give a complete portrayal of his lore), thus why he has Vaiśravana as a father (as for Kubera, the two have many similarities and are believed to have been based on one another
  5. Servant Compedium

    I started to compile Servants I made. My goal? To flood the market with Portuguese Servants.
    Caster of Hundred Faces - Fernando Pessoa
    Saver of the Fifth Empire
    Saber King Sebastian I of Portugal [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
    Caster of Restoration - John IV of Portugal
    Saber King Afonso I of Portugal

    Future Projects: Aleister Crowley.
    Possible Projects:
    Morton's Demon (Or any other Demon)
    Pope John XXI, the necromancer

    Also currently ...

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