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  1. Ranking of Kings

    It's been a while since I saw an anime this slapping good.

    So slapping good, indeed, that I've decided to make up a Servant sheet of the main character, even not knowing how the anime would end (and having decided against spoiling myself -- rare coming from me, as I love to spoil the shit out of myself.

    MAX DEX, everyone! MAX DEX!

    Updated February 25th, 2022 at 02:52 AM by Tabris

  2. I finally finished a fucking song.

    by , January 27th, 2022 at 02:32 AM (Temflakes403's obnoxiously self-centered blog posting delusions)
    I've been writing this thing for over nine months. I had it entirely thought out, but I couldn't for the fuck of me get a decent lead guitar tone. I finally got it working, and in the succeding 7 hours or so I finally finished it. Feels good.
  3. Fate/EXTRA impressions

    I'm done with Fate/EXTRA, this time with Nero and Rin (my first run long, long ago was with Tamamo and Rin).

    I'll be writing down some casual impression now that I'm once again through the game below.



    First of all, that which enters ones eyes when playing the game is the presentation. This is not a particularly pretty game. Though all things considered, it does bear mention that this is an over 10 year old PSP game, so ...
  4. Fate/Grand Order Arcade Kiara Love

    Quote Originally Posted by Justiciar Hux View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Byegod View Post
    Apparently you only need to think yourself as human to be a fucking beast according to kiara
    Kiara's has buddhist principles behind it though. In a roundabout way, she does love all of mankind immensely, but only because they're "parts of myself" to her view.
    This is best seen with her CCC NP, which is essentially a wide-scale but corrupt version of Saver's Amita Amitabha; she transmigrates everyone's souls into herself, but rather than being out of compassion for humanity,
  5. My Servant Compendium

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