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    Quote Originally Posted by Omniscient Metaphor
    Hey! Wanted to ask, how did you make the Servant Icon things? Is it a website or did you manually make them?
    Sorry for the late reply! It's a photoshop template file that I believe is in the template folder linked on the first post here?
    At least, I think it was in that.
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    Jacques de Molay
    Jacques de Molay

    The Knights Templar was a military order whose duty was the protection of pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Molay was its 23rd and last grand master.

    Thanks to the privileges they were granted with, the Knights spread their influence all over Europe. Capitilizing on a wealth that rivalized most states, they took upon themselves to play the role of the first international bank in history.

    However, their secretiveness became their downfall. After being a target of endless jealousy-inspired rumours (such as practicing black magic), they eventually came under the suspicion of heresy - which led to the abolishment of the organization.

    Supposedly, when he was burned at the stake in Ile de la Cite, Molay shouted a curse in the brink of death, causing both the French King and the Pope that spearheaded the conspiracy to die suddenly in that same year.

    The Foreigner Jacques de Molay is an innocent Heroic Spirit whose Saint Graph degenerated due to the stigma and scandals spread by the masses and the influential figures that envied the Knights.
    In addition, their malignancy was boosted when she was possessed by the evil deity denominated the "Holy Mother of the Abyss", who desires the depravity of humanity.

    Incidentally, sources say that the ominous symbol that is the "Friday the 13th" has its origins in the date of incident when the Knights were simultaneously exposed.

    An intrinsically malignant Servant who pursues selfish behaviours.
    Supposing that Jacques was summoned in an environment where the duty of restoring the anthropic principle and a Master with a special quality were missing, she would certainly have brought about a great calamity.

    She pays no mind to the pains and sacrifices of others. Despite never lying, she conveniently hides the truth. In short, she likes to do bad things furtively, in a manner that does not get exposed.
    Faithful to her own desires and emotions, she seduces those she has taken a liking to in a nonchalant and persistent manner.
    When it really counts, she boldly exposes her hatred.
    Said personality and demeanour remains mostly the same throughout her First to Third Ascensions.

    "... This shitty goat is "Baffy".
    He is keeping me under surveillance. Oh, how irritating."

    Height/Weight: 167cm・55kg
    Source: Knights Templar's folklore, historical fact
    Region: Europe, Cyprus, Crusader States in the Syrian region
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Female
    She does not take off her glasses even when taking a bath.

    Innocent Monster: A
    Denotes the depths in which the truth was twisted by rumours, regardless of her wishes and appearance while alive.

    Supposedly, they were obsessed with obscene cerimonies of worship to a goat-headed devil.
    Supposedly, the Knights' treasures and activities were inherited all the way to the present.
    The false accusations that caused the decline of the Knights and the many legends of posterity corrupted Molay with a bewitching body, suitable for indulging pleasures, changing here into different existence than the monk that aspired to recapture the Holy Land.

    Holy Shroud (Fake): B
    The so called "Holy Shroud of Turin" is a relic by which the remains of Jacques de Molay (and not the Messiah himself) were wrapped in...such an awfully dubious theory exists.
    Although, the French House of Charny (which discovered the Holy Shroud) had close connections to the Knights Templar and supposedly kept in touch with Geoffroi de Charney, one of the top brass of the Knights who was burned in the stake together with Molay. Well then.

    Investiture of Depravity: A
    A powerful seduction technique.
    Holding up a secret ceremony of investiture that is witnessed by the spirits of successive generations of Knights Templar, in which one pledges allegiance to the Holy Mother of the Abyss, so that he can become her obedient knight.
    An initiation of release and depravity.


    Vendredi Treize - Friday the 13th
    : A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~13
    Maximum Targets: 23 people
    The Temple tower that became the opening stage of gruesome tortures and executions.
    A black Mass(1) of Satanism is held within this tower, which has been converted into and eerie underworld.
    A high concentration of curses is made concrete and a blasphemous creature arrives to violate the enemy, swallowing him into its womb.

    (1) as in the Catholic Mass


    The queen of the Palmyrene Empire (Kingdom) that existed in modern day Syria during the 3rd Century.
    Although initially within the sphere of influence of the Roman Empire, Palmyra later conquered vast territories that included Egypt and the antagonism between the two nations grew deeper when Zenobia and her son - Palmyra's de facto rulers - assumed the title of "Emperors".

    However, due to the expedition lead by the Soldier-Emperor Aurelianus (who was enthroned for the sake of restructuring the Roman Empire), Palmyra capitulated and Zenobia was taken prisoner.
    It has been said that, in the ceremony for Aurelianus' triumphal return, she was turned into a humiliating spectacle by being paraded around Rome while decorated in jewels and dazzlingly beautiful gold chains and shackles.

    Afterwards, some say that she died, while others that she lived happily after becoming a Roman citizen, but...?

    The queen of the Palmyrene Empire, which existed during the times of the Soldier-Emperor of Rome, in the 3rd Century.
    Regarded as the greatest heroine of the eastern world, and its most beautiful woman.
    A prodigy who spoke many languages and mastered many disciplines. Possessing a throughly tempered body, she enjoyed horse-riding and hunting.
    Through ingenuity and strength, Zenobia became famous as a supporter of her husband - the ruler of Palmyra. But after said husband was killed by a relative, she ended up having to reign over Palmyra in his place as a queen.

    Palmyra was initially a part of the Roman Empire, but it grew in influence in accordance to the chaos in the many regions of the Empire at the time, eventually taking shape as an independent nation.
    As its influence increased, it became a large country that ruled over regions such as Syria, Arabia and Egypt. However, a punitive expedition lead by the then Roman Emperor Aurelianus broke the Palmyrene army and surpassed the chaos.
    Zenobia was then arrested and, when Emperor Aurelianus made his triumphal return to Rome, was supposedly made to walk if front of his chariot in a humiliating figure, decorated with golden chains, jewels and the likes.

    She will never forget her defeat at the hands of Emperor Aurelianus, nor the humiliation suffered during the ceremony of his triumphal return.
    The weight of the golden chains. The pain of the golden handcuffs. The shameful brilliance of the jewels she was decorated with.
    Some say that, when taken to receive her punishment later, she begged for her life while trembling in fear, but...

    Her Servant self exists for the sake of washing away that humiliation.
    Even if it is just an unreliable folklore or a doom that was lost from her memories, a queen from the Orient begging for her life is something unacceptable.
    To be later forgiven and allowed to live as a citizen of the Rome that destroyed Palmyra is unacceptable.

    Rather than pretending that the shame of defeat itself didn't happen, it was necessary to surmount it.
    Therefore, she manifest in this world in that most shameful of figures.
    For her true golden age as a Servant is "the moment she died as a true heroine, after getting rid of that humiliation".
    Even if she were to manifest in her previous figure, from when she flourished as a Warrior-Queen, she would be unable to escape from the contempt of "in the end, you became a queen that eventually lost heart and was smeared in disgrace, right?". There is no way her true self is someone who would accept having something like that said about her.

    For this reason, she continues to assert by means of her own appearance.
    "I will not lose heart over something like this".
    "Even if bound by golden chains and handcuffs, I yield to nobody".

    She resolutely gazes ahead with strong eyes while in a deliberately shameful figure.... and yet, never forgetting her dignity as a queen.

    Height/Weight: 175cm・60kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Palmyrene Empire
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    A chaste woman who is somewhat weak to love affairs.
    Her appearance proves that there is no causal relationship between one's degree of exposure and level of morality.

    Augusta, the Pretender: B
    A skill that denotes the fact that Zenobia professed herself as Emperor together with her son and co-ruler.
    It has been said that, upon bestowing the highest title of Augustus (which represents the Roman Emperor) to her son, she also claimed for herself the title of Augusta - its feminine form that denotes an empress, or the mother of an emperor.
    Rather than a desire for the throne of the Roman Empire, this was more of a boast, sarcasm along the lines of "the ones truly worthy of ruling the Roman Empire (world) are us, not you".
    Consequentially, she is not endowed with the Roman trait even when using this skill.

    Siege of Aurelianus (Opposition): A
    As a result of the then Roman Emperor, Aurelianus, personally promoting the punitive force against Palmyra, Zenobia was captured after a long siege battle.
    This skill denotes the defiant mentality that chose war against the Roman roots, and the severe resistance of the Palmyrene army lead by Zenobia up until that point.

    Prospering Palmyra: A
    Well-balanced nation administration abilities, derived from Zenobia's excellent military and intellectual powers.
    By means of those strengths, she governed the Palmyrene Empire wisely.
    Palmyra was an oasis-city in the middle of the Syrian desert and prospered as an important position for caravans.
    It has been said that, in its prime, Palmyra ruled over vast domains in Syria, Arabia and Egypt.


    Authentic Triumph - Break to Pieces O Shackles and Chains of Gold, Insult of Gold
    Type: Self-Denial Noble Phantasm
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: -
    This is a Noble Phantasm whose True Name can be released only when she becomes convinced, from the bottom of her heart, that her current self has "proven herself to be an ideal queen" or that it "can be proven through this fight". It cannot be invoked if she has even the slightest of doubts.
    By investing all the magical energy, mental strength, willpower, determination, anger, dignity and the likes that she possesses, the golden shackles and golden chains that are deeply connected to her Saint Graph as a Servant get pulverised, transforming into the shape of the "'if' that she desires"... the "queen from the Orient that has shaken off the defeat and insult bestowed by the Roman Emperor Aurelianus and obtained victory over Rome".
    That is not just a physical release of the body, but also freeing herself from the mentality of the past, imperfect Zenobia.
    In a sense, this is a repudiation of the possibility of "the far from ideal Zenobia, who was smeared in cowardice and might have begged for her life" from the vicinity of the silhouette that is her Servant self. Something akin to a conceptual substitution that temporarily remakes her very existence.
    Should the True Name of this Noble Phantasm ever be successfully released, all of Zenobia's parameters will improve drastically.

    Elizabeth (Cinderella)
    Elizabeth Báthory (Rider)

    A new Halloween. A new heroine.
    The legendary Halloween Servant made a comeback by means of the cheering of her enthusiastic fans.

    "This time, Elizabeth is no mere idol~♪
    But a musical(1) super idol that sings and dances~♪

    A dreaming maiden Cinderella that is is in love with love itself and is even more immersed in fairy tales than the usual Elizabeth.
    She changed jobs from a Pop Idol to a Musical Idol.
    "So~ I often~ start singing~♪"
    In addition, as a preliminary step-condition for this Saint Graph (a chrysalis condition, so to say), she turns into a figure clad in crude clothing - much like Cinderella at the beginning of her story.
    At a certain point, once she has decided that a prince has fallen in love for her at first sight, her Saint Graph will change into dress-wearing one.

    The Halloween Elizabeth has finally made a come-back.
    At this instance, she has taken into herself the greatest princess in the world, Cinderella, in a clear attempt to flaunt her fairy tale components.
    Idol. Cinderella. Fairy Tale.
    Having taken in three of the components that children all over the world adore and admire, there is nothing that can stop her anymore.

    "Still, that alone is no different than the usual Elizabeth..."
    "Yes, in order to survive in the current era of the Eliza Great War..."
    "I need Musical...!"

    And so, Elizabeth began singing mid-talk and mid-battle.
    And Tamamo (provisory) silently fetched some earplugs.

    Elizabeth made a come-back in the "Halloween Rising!", but she actually does not have that much of a fixation with Cinderella.

    What she seeks is the symbol of a princess.
    For Elizabeth, the true essence is the beautiful dress itself, so she has no intention of imitating that way of being.

    Since there is already someone like a prince nearby, she will not drop her glass shoes, nor there will be anyone coming to look for her.

    She even thinks that "to begin with, if I wanted a prince, I would just jump on my pumpkin carriage and go capture him".

    In addition, in the world setting for Elizabeth Cinderella, there exists no step-mother or step-sister.
    For the moment she is abused, her torture techniques burst ten-times over and leave no vestiges of them other than their screams.

    Some would say that "isn't that just the same-old Elizabeth clad in glass shoes?", and they would be mostly right.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・44kg
    Source: Halloween Rising!
    Region: Hungary
    Alignment: Chaotic Musical
    Gender: Female
    The "Musical" alignment corresponds to Neutral".

    Riding: EX
    Talent for mounting.
    Since she is a Cinderella, she automatically can ride on a pumpkin carriage.
    Awfully strong.

    Snow White Princess: B
    One of the fairy tale elements that Elizabeth has taken in.
    Its source is, of course, the Snow White.

    Red Hood Slicer: A
    One of the fairy tale elements that Elizabeth has taken in.
    Its source is, of course, the Red Riding Hood.

    Glass Cinderella: EX
    One of the fairy tale elements that Elizabeth has taken in.
    Its source is, of course, the Cinderella.

    With exception of the Riding skill, all of the three skills listed above are Unique Skills constructed by Elizabeth when she took in the elements from fairy tales.
    They all include some sort of demerit, but that is what makes them strong.


    Fairy Tale Erzsébet - Demoness of Marchen Thorn Snow
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~10
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    An offensive Noble Phantasm that has transformed the fear towards the villain and the longing towards the protagonist of a fairy tale into power.
    While its might fluctuate in accordance to the degree of popularity of fairy tales, it will undoubtedly display mid to maximum power anywhere in the modern world.

    Also, its means of attack increase in accordance to the number of Servants related fairy tales around Elizabeth.
    The "+" factor brought about by the two points above is great, compensating for its original lack of power.

    In addition, this "fairy tale attribute" is something derived purely from Elizabeth's own subjectivity and all Servants who objected to it have been personally questioned by her.

    (1) as in "musical theatre"


    A performer from the Azuchi-Momoyama period.
    Legends tells that she was the founder of early kabuki dance, which underwent various changes until it became modern kabuki.

    Referred as a priestess from Izumo, she travelled across various provinces and displayed her dance.
    Although it has been said that had the goal of promoting the Great Temple of Izumo, there is no definite proof. Okuni's early kabuki dance became very popular, fascinating the people of the world.

    However, her dance was eventually shunned by the political authorities of the times - under the pretext that it disturbed public morals - and she supposedly had to depart to somewhere else.

    At any rate, she is a lover of new things and events. As soon as she is summoned, she ends up absorbing things like the customs and phrases of that age, sublimating them as her own craft. That is the reason behind her peculiar expressions that mixes in foreign words, which do not match her own period of time.

    Folklore tells us that she travelled through various provinces with her husband - Nagoya Sansaburou - making exhibitions of Okuni kabuki, but what this Okuni takes along with her is a mysterious puppet warrior called Zan-Zaburou.

    "Aha! In that case, it seems that my anecdotes were transmitted in a somewhat twisted way."

    Well then, up until now was the Izumo-no-Okuni that everybody knows. But from here on out is the main point, Miss Okuni's top secret.
    Yes, the excellent priestess of early kabuki dance that tours around various provinces is but a front. And so, her true identity is that of a sealing priestess that repress the demons that run rampant on the world to extinction.

    Demon (Ayakashi) Hunter - Izumo no Okuni.

    "Well, of course I engage in kabuki to the best of my abilities, but this is what people call having too many irons in the fire."

    Truth or not, but the puppet warrior that she takes along with her is a sacred treasure handed down in Izumo since ancient times, to which Okuni performed some independent remodelling in order to employ it as her own personal Mystic Code. Although she calls it Zan-Zaburou, it originally was the remains of a god of old or something.

    The specimen that became the basis of the puppet warrior called Zan-Zaburou was the remains of a god of old sealed away in Izumo.
    Due to Okuni arbitrarily taking him out and remodelling him as her personal Mystic Code, it is believed that his original powers have been lost.
    Although a mechanical puppet, it appears that something of an intention can be felt from him and there are even opinions that he is protecting Okuni from his own will.

    She originated from a village that produced sealing priestesses in great numbers, which was deemed heretic even in Izumo.
    A young girl that was abducted from somewhere by the village's shinto priests - that is who Okuni truly was.
    Despite having spent some ill-fortunate maiden days - of not knowing the faces of her parents and having harsh spiritual training as a disposable sealing priestess imposed onto her - maybe due to her inborn disposition, she grew up into a bright and courageous character, without becoming twisted.

    On a certain day, the village was destroyed overnight by the evil deity whose seal was undone by a fellow priestess. As the only one left, Okuni departed on a journey across the various provinces in pursuit of said evil deity.

    Yet, in the end she was never able to destroy the evil deity she sent a lifetime chasing after. That regret, lingering attachment became the core of Okuni as a Heroic Spirit.

    However, said regret was dispelled due to a series of events.
    And thus, after a long journey, Okuni will finally be able to depart into a new world as a single human.

    "Yes, please see the outside world through my eyes."


    Height/Weight: 158cm・43kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "Wake up, Zan-Zaburou! Let's teach them a lesson."

    Aragoto Dance: B
    A combat style transmitted among the sealing priestesses. By freely handling an Oodachi as large as her own height, she cuts down countless demons.

    Puppet Kagura: A
    Okuni's unique magecraft, which manipulates a mechanical puppet imbued with magical energy by means of dance. That elegant and magnificent kagura dance displays a powerful combination with Zan-Zaburou, which is her personal Mystic Code.

    Sealing Priestess: B+
    A priestess that accumulated unique drills in order to employ magical ceremonies to seal away demons. Not something that anyone can master, and inborn disposition plays a big role in it. Those harsh drills were performed since early childhood, and cases of aspirants who lost their lives mid-training were not rare.


    Okuni Juuhachiban・Izumo Aragami Kabuki
    Type: Bounded Field
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: 1 person
    Okuni's trump card as kagura priestess of Izumo - demon-subduing exorcism program(2). The strongest technique among even her 18 programs.
    An ultra combination attack in which Okuni and Zan-Zaburou dance while holding an Oodachi in one hand.

    Having sublimated Okuni's way of life of constantly pursuing new forms of artistic expression, this is a unique Noble Phantasm that keeps changing its form and special qualities into new shapes even after being summoned.

    Although there is a tendency of thinking about it as a Noble Phantasm whose main point is a chain of attacks, its true value is actually the very stage that Okuni builds.
    The magical energy that was compiled through the body of Okuni - a sealing priestess - is spread in the target's surroundings by means of the precise prana manipulation of the kagura dance, becoming a great sealing circle that seals all sorts of demons.

    (1) roughly "Okuni's specialty, Izumo's wild god kabuki"

    (2) as in "theatrical program.

    Mysterious Ranmaru X

    The military commander from the Warring States period, Mori Naritoshi.
    The third son of Mori Yoshinari, a vassal of Oda Nobunaga. The page of Oda Nobunaga, better known by the popular name Ranmaru.
    He died in battle together with his lord Nobunaga during the Honnouji Incident.

    ...that is Earth's Mori Ranmaru.

    The Mysterious Ranmaru X is an enigmatic Mori Ranmaru who came from the Planet Ranmaru (a place that supposedly exists in the edge of the galaxy, where many Mori Ranmarus live) and is endowed with the title of "Ranmaru X", which only the most excellent of all Mori Ranmarus is allowed to wear. What the heck is she talking about.

    Although she has been summoned under the Avenger Class, that is due to the desire for vengeance against the enemy of all Ranmarus, the dark life-form of treasonous power that squirm in the galaxy - Akechi Soul.

    Because of that, whenever Akechi Soul gets involved, she displays a brutality of unknown significance that is devoid of any tolerance (something derived from the Mori genealogy of aliens). But please forgive her, for she is fundamentally just a personification of cuteness otherwise.

    Her main weapon is the Fudou Yukimitsu Saber, which performs dimensional segregation in order to become countless blade and swoop down on the target. There is also the Ranmaru Blade, a legendary Oodachi handed down in Planet Ranmaru, wielded with the proficiency of 3rd kyu of Interstellar Flight Swordplay.

    She possesses the strong trait of being indiscriminately loved by those possessing a certain disposition (mainly, those of the ruling class).
    Whether or not this is derived from the mysterious magical element that is imbued in her body - the Ranmanium - is a matter of controversy even in the scientific society.

    She possesses the qualifications of a Super A-Grade page, and her supreme bliss is to spend a lifetime gallantly serving the lord she has chosen.

    The eyepatch she constantly wears is something for restraining the peculiar magical energy released by Ranmaru's eye. By the way, she is an odd-eye that has pupils of different colours in her left and right eyes. Whoever ends up seeing her lovely right eye will have two choices pressed upon them: to die or to become her lord. Or rather, Ranmaru will press herself on them.

    A Ranmaru among Ranmarus, who finally reached this planet at the end of a long journey, guided by a faint call from the edge of the galaxy. That is Mysterious Ranmaru X.

    That being said, please do something about the fact that the "Mysterious Ranmaru X" at the very end makes this entire explanation unintelligible.

    Mori Ranmaru died in battle along with Nobunaga in Honnouji.
    ...or so Ranmaru believed, he actually managed to survive alone while carrying the decapitated head of that demon lord. Having kept his lord's dying will, the decapitated head of the demon lord that he continuously protected until his own body had rotten away ended up being sublimated as Ranmaru's Noble Phantasm just like that.

    The decapitated head of the demon lord that was sublimated as a Noble Phantasm has the potential of causing countless divergences of improbable history. Depending on how it is used, it could even display the power to cut up, change the flow of history.

    After having this Noble Phantasm stolen from him in a certain Holy Grail War, Mori Ranmaru drew upon the last of his strength to raise his voice to the stars shining in the night sky.

    "Please, keep that head, Ranmaru's wish..." the very end.

    That was a faint, fickle and so very, very small voice that it was about to vanish. But, somehow, that voice might have reached it. The Planet Ranmaru that supposedly exists atet he edge of the galaxy, where many Ranmarus live.

    The single ray of light that now soars over the ocean of stars, carrying along the wishes of all Ranmarus. That is truly, the light of hope.

    ...the glitter of Mysterious Ranmaru X.

    Height/Weight: 155cm・43kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Planet Ranmaru
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: ?
    The Ranmaru endowed with the title of true Ranmaru... indeed!
    ..."Mysterious Ranmaru X".

    I am Heartfelt: B
    Ranmaru Hand. Ranmaru-chan is simply very scrupulous about minor details. A Super A-Grade page that learned the subtle, elegant and lovely Perfect Page Motions.

    How Adorable are Those Pupils: A
    Ranmaru Eye. Those who oppose Ranmaru will, without exception, be charmed by her cute features and lovely pupils - and end up yelling "Hooray, cute Ranmaru!".

    Ranmaru Strahl: A
    "Look, that is the light of Ranmaru that conquers the stars... What?"


    Orchid Rounds X - Ranmaru X
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: 30 people
    A full power mowing from the very cute Ranmaru-chan, by means of the infinite partition throw of the Fudou Yukimitsu. It is impossible to escape from the line of sight of the right eye that was fully released. The attack gestures are so cute and magnificent that they visually captivates all those who oppose her, chopping them up as they are busy yelling "Hooray, cute Ranmaru!". A Noble Phantasm that is somewhat overflowing with a surprise attack mentality.

    The Fudou Yukimitsu Saber is a self-defense sword that suddenly came flying from out of the nowhere when Ranmaru was born.
    The Ranmaru Blade is a legendary Oodachi that Ranmaru won in the Ranmaru Great War to decide who was the strongest of Ranmarus. It is a super first-rate sword that possesses the ability to perform interstellar flight. However, having lost its original name, it is being called Ranmaru Blade.

    Sakamoto Ryouma (Lancer)
    Sakamoto Ryouma

    One of the patriots who rushed through the Bakumatsu period of Japan.
    Born in a family of country samurai from Tosa, he became a lordless samurai and, later, an apprentice of Katsu Kaishuu. He founded the Kameyama Troupe (later known as Kaientai) and assisted in the mediation of the Satcho Alliance and the establishment of the Taisei Houkan movement - thus greatly contributing for the Meiji Restoration.
    However, he himself would fall to an assassin's blade, leaving his goals unfinished and without ever seeing the age of Meiji.

    His looks is that of a feeble, easygoing man in his mid-twenties.
    Despite being a master of the Hokushin Ittou-ryuu, the man himself is an inveterate softhearted person that does not like to swing a sword. Instead, the mysterious beauty snuggling up to him displays an unrestrained performance during battle.

    The Class he was originally suitable for was Rider, but certain circumstances lead to his manifestation as a Lancer in this instance.

    For Sakamoto Ryouma, this figure - in which he not only manifested in the Lancer Class (one of the Three Knights of the Holy Grail War), but also owns the Ame-no-Sakahoko - is a possibility that he might have reached. A powerful Servant, worthy of the title of Hero of the Restoration.

    When the Heroic Spirit called Sakamoto Ryouma is summoned as a Servant, his Noble Phantasms will normally be limited to either the pike or the serpent.
    One can easily guess how much of a miracle it is the fact he is wielding them both now.

    Although a master of the Hokushin Ittou-ryuu whose expertise with the sword is considerable, the certificate he actually received was one for the naginata combat arts.
    Having not only been summoned under the Lancer Class (which allows him to amply display those skills), but with the burst of power from Super Oryou, he is already an invincible Kaientai.

    Super Oryou has descended as the white serpent of Takachiho.
    Her power is decribed as a million times greater than the usual Oryou, but that is merely a statement from he person herself. It appears to be a matter of feelings, so please be considerate with Oryou in that regard.

    In addition to her usual power fighter-style, she can now do things like shoot a god-like mysterious beam.
    "Ryouma, Oryou's Super Takachiho battle style has finally been completed".

    Having been born as a small, black monstrosity in a far-away country, she was shunned and ostracized, eventually drifting to this land.
    Smeared in hatred, she vowed for revenge. Before long she obtained power, became proud with her success, turned into a dragon and aimed at heavens in an attempt to ascend to the seat of god.
    However, that arrogance caused her to be punished by being sealed in Takachiho with the Ame-no-Sakahoko that fell from heavens.

    During the long time she spent sealed, she did nothing but resent and hate the heavens, transforming herself into a calamity that would eventually devour and ruin the country.

    Still, at the end of a long, long time, she finally happened across.

    ---something more important than becoming a dragon and ascending to heavens.

    " really had it tough, huh?"

    That was all. That was truly all. That was all that man thought of while standing before a serpent that could be a monster, a god or something else entirely.

    No matter what sort of misdeed she may have committed, he felt pity for that serpent who spent a long time sewed on a pike, without being able to move.

    That human did not even think that the serpent might attempt to deceive and devour him.

    So he pulled out the pike. That was all.

    "Now I can freely go anywhere". She felt relief as that thought crossed her mind. And yet, what was she thinking? Rather than attain freedom, she chose to instead latch on to that man and walk together in the same path as him.

    And then, the human and the serpent threw themselves in the great flow of time called era.
    The one who was not quite a person. The one who was not quite a dragon. Their twisted journey eventually reached a futile ending when they were helplessly separated in midst of the waves of the era.

    Even then, the dragon and the dragon(1) surely think.

    "... I'm glad I met you".

    Height/Weight: 178cm・72kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Gender: Male
    "Well then, let's go do the laundry of Japan, no of the world."

    Source: Imperial Capital's Grail Fable
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Gender: Female
    "You can leave everything to the Super Oryou."

    Dragon of the Restoration: A
    A man who was called a dragon while still human. That fleeting yet proud way of life (which rode on the dragon called era and rushed through the age of Bakumatsu simply for the sake of people) was truly like a dragon that dashes across heavens.

    White Serpent of Takachiho: A-
    A serpent that didn't become a dragon. The serpent once scorned as a black monstrosity aimed at heavens in an attempt to turn into a dragon, but that did not come to pass.

    Ame-no-Sakahoko (Pair) :B
    A pike of light that fell in reverse from heavens. A pike from the gods in heavens, which sewed up heavens and earth in order to seal away a black monstrosity.
    Originally it was just a single pike, but it takes the form of two paired pikes the that man and the serpent wield it.

    The pike of light that fell in reverse from heavens was both a curse and a blessing.


    O You, Conquer the Fields of the Sea God
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 2~70
    Maximum Targets: 700 people
    By having Ryouma dedicate her the Ame-no-Sakahoko that was hoisted to heavens, the black serpent undergoes a moulting and transforms(3) into a beautiful white serpent that could be mistaken for a divine dragon.

    Cladding her body in the white, glowing mystery of the Age of Gods, the white serpent of Takachiho wields great power.
    That figure (which deploys a firm physical barrier that no half-hearted attack can damage and possesses fighting strength of a different level) might be like that of a god of a new age.

    She chose not to become a dragon that soars through the skies, but instead to dash in the seas as a serpent together with that man.

    (1) in this line, the kanji for Chinese dragon (龍; which appears in Ryouma's name) and Western dragon (竜; which appears in Oryou's) are being used distinctively.

    (2) this is written in a way to create a double meaning between "you" and "dragon"

    (3) the unique, probably original term (変鱗; roughly, changing scales) is being used here

    Martha (Santa)
    Martha (Caster)

    By Scathach-Skadi's arrangement, Martha was converted to a Santa Saint Graph.
    And thus she got herself busy as a Santa Claus during the Christmas of 2021...

    Her memories (records) seem to have become vague.
    Although she recognizes the Master as her Master and is self-aware as an Heroic Spirit affiliated to Chaldea, her awareness as Saint Martha is slim.
    Somewhat similar to the pattern set by the boy Alexander, but in Martha's case there seems to be a strong sense of somebody else's affairs at this instance.
    "I am a holy woman? Really? Hmm, I do not think that you are lying, but that is hard to believe..."

    Her understanding about Santa Claus is also ambiguous, but...
    As a result of having a public hearing with the successive generations of Santas, she came to the strong self-acknowledgement that her own role as a Santa is to make the Christmas Party a success.

    In order to hold the greatest party ever, she decided in her heart that Santa Claus should prepare the greatest Christmas meal.

    A bright and gentle facial expression that never crumbles.
    Hers is the very mentality of young Martha as village girl that made domestic chores as her forte.
    Also, she keeps a low profile about the vigor that managed to suppress the tyranny of the evil dragon Tarrasque bare-handed.

    Due to the perception of "violence is bad", her assessment of scoundrels that would soon rely on violence is quite strict.

    "Kindness" is among the things she likes.

    Height/Weight: 158cm・47kg
    Source: Historical fact, New Testament, Making Christmas Party!
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Female
    In regards to the design of her ladle stick, it seems that there was a guidance and editorship from Magical Ruby and the Dharmapala Girl (Shuten Douji on her Caster Saint Graph).
    "This would be best."

    Riding: EX
    Although she had never ridden the Tarrasque in her maiden days, since Martha was established in this Saint Graph as a "Martha that subjugated the Tarrasque" (just like in the Rider Class), she possesses the Riding skill at an out-of-scale Rank.
    There are also rumours that Tarrasque is just being considerate to her.

    Territory Creation: B
    She can deploy her kitchen anytime, anywhere and prepare food.

    Martha's Home Cooking: EX

    Martha's homemade food is delicious.
    The freshly baked bread is particularly exquisite.
    A skill for freely producing meals and confections from all times and places.
    One feels energized after eating the things that she made. There are even reports of it actually invigorating magical energy.
    Because the effects change based on the menu, it is hard to place an uniform evaluation, so an out-of-scale Rank has been tentatively applied.

    Meddling of the Big Sister: B
    The disposition of wanting to poke her nose into somebody else's business turned into a skill.

    Written Invitation of Santa Claus: C+
    Martha is bestirring herself in order to hold the greatest Christmas party ever.
    Every time she hands over a written invitation, her spirits rise and the spirits of those who received it also rise.


    Happy Merry Christmas - The Feast of Holy Night, Happily with Everyone
    Type: Cuisine Noble Phantasm
    Range: 1~30
    Maximum Targets: 100 people
    When Martha came into being in a Santa Saint Graph, the evil dragon Tarrasque also underwent a great transformation.
    The cook's hat is his proof of loyalty...
    In other words, it was the birth of the Moving Complete Kitchen Dragon Tarrasque.

    Summoned together with the release of True Name, Tarrasque himself assists in Martha's full-power cooking as a moving complete kitchen, making strenuous efforts for the success of the Christmas party.
    Taking out a cake, preparing a tree and even arranging the Christmas presents.

    Come, let's have a party!
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