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  1. G-A-L

  2. Any Interest in Designing Skills and Spells?

    So this is sort of a sequel to my last Blog post. Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone out there is interested in using the basic RPG system I've got hammered out to make Skills, Spells, Psychic Powers, Noble Phantasms, Code Casts, Martial Arts, Items, Perks, Monsters, and the like using it.

    Put simply, this is me being lazy and seeing if I can mooch off the surplus creativity of the site to finish the most time-consuming part of the design process.

    There are advantages ...

    Updated October 5th, 2019 at 01:07 PM by Twelveseal

    Gaming , Game Mechanics , Roleplaying
  3. Liquid Poo Part Two Electric Boogaloo

    Have some middle of the night liquid poo.

    Think that the ordeal is finally over. Get up. Wash hands. Toilet's a bloody mess, had to hose it down.

    Suddenly my gut is like NO.

    Had to rush to sit back down. Feel like Willy Wonka, only my sphincter is the chocolate factory.

    I want off this ride. I think I'm feeling a part three coming up.
  4. Shitting myself at 2am

    I was sleeping so well too. That Chilli's burger I had for dinner sure wasn't worth it.

    Hell it wasn't even good. Bland unseasoned patty.

    I'm sticking to the local burger joints.
  5. I was on youtube....

    While listening to random deresute stuff, it led me to this gem.

    I have discovered this 10 years too late. If only I discovered it while taking a shit.