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  1. Fate/Grand Order Arcade Kiara Love

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    Apparently you only need to think yourself as human to be a fucking beast according to kiara
    Kiara's has buddhist principles behind it though. In a roundabout way, she does love all of mankind immensely, but only because they're "parts of myself" to her view.
    This is best seen with her CCC NP, which is essentially a wide-scale but corrupt version of Saver's Amita Amitabha; she transmigrates everyone's souls into herself, but rather than being out of compassion for humanity,
  2. My Servant Compendium

  3. Saw Blade Runner

    by , January 16th, 2022 at 11:48 PM (Temflakes403's obnoxiously self-centered blog posting delusions)
    Score was great, set design amazing, wonderful performamces, and Decker's character arc of coming to terms with the true lives of his murder subjects was amazing.

    Fantastic sociopoliticeconomical commentary, as is the anthropologic ruminations.

    There were also tits.
  4. So very punny....

  5. Finally! Ha ha, yes!

    Completed both Berserker Mordred and Faker Alexander of Abonoteichos Servant sheets I've been working on, the former on-and-off for most of that unmissed last year. Just gonna make sure those collapse tags actually work as intended (especially for the Faker) before I put them out -- it'll take a few weeks, though, given I'm doing this all via phone.

    In any case, I'm working out on my head two Servant sheets for two Jewish Servants -- hopefully I complete them before next month ends, ...

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