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    This is very good stuff. Any idea on how Chiron works into it?
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    Example of of how hitting the spacebar can ruin your post
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    "this is a test
    imagine a flavorful introduction
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    The Sheet is revealed
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    Sometimes this can be cancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername
    Welcome back, yous! Always happy to see you still around and kicking.
    Not kicking around too much, I'm getting arthritis in my knees. My advise: never grow old!

    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X
    Wow, an Elf! Condolences on the FGO but congrats on the book deal, it must feel pretty powerful achieving something you've worked on for such a long time.
    It's been kind of rough for the last couple of years, admittedly. Now, I just got to start on the second one. (Which I have, multiple times, but I keep getting pissed at it and scrapping it.)
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    Wow, an Elf! Condolences on the FGO but congrats on the book deal, it must feel pretty powerful achieving something you've worked on for such a long time.
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    After all this time's great to see you again, and see your work paying off. Welcome back!
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    Welcome back, yous! Always happy to see you still around and kicking.
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    Happy to see you doing well.

    I wish the best for you and your novel.

    Kinda cool you put BL in the credits. That must be the first publicized mention of this website.
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    Fairy Knight Lancelot

    One of the Knights of the Round Table from the Fairy Nation Britain.
    A fairy knight labelled with the Saint Graph of Lancelot, a Knight of the Round Table from Pan Human History.
    The sole fairy in Britain of the "dragon" kind.
    Despite behaving like a ruthless warrior, she was regarded as the most beautiful, proud fairy in the Fairy Nation due to her demeanor, elegance and a figure that was a cut above that of other fairies.

    Her name as a fairy is Melusine.
    A fairy transmitted in France, also called Melisande.
    The heroine from a story about a "human–animal marriage", which often became a theme of folklores since ancient times.
    A half-human, half-fairy beauty possessing the lower body of a snake and dragon wings.
    A fairy born from a human father and a fairy mother. Originally a beautiful young girl, but due to committing the sin of imprisoning her father on a cavern, she received a curse that "turned her lower body into that of a snake only on Saturdays".
    Supposedly, the curse became more powerful after she was seen by her lover when her lower body had turned into that of a snake, causing Melusine herself to become a repulsive snake.

    Introvert and active.
    The kind of person who get things done, promptly performing her duties even while keeping her own feelings to herself. A maiden-knight who is fastidious and does not fool around, always in a strained mood.

    Prone to appear as a "coldhearted fairy" due to categorizing humans as evil and mercilessly ostracizing them. Still, despite shunning humans, she neither hates nor looks down on them.
    She simply perceives them as "lifeforms with low viability on an individual level".
    Due to also the circumstances how Melusine herself came to be, she does not discriminate others based on the "ecology they were born into".

    When conducting herself as a Fairy Knight, she refers to herself as "boku" and behaves in a princely manner. However, upon returning to her plain Melusine self, she refers to herself as "watashi" and reveals her natural airhead personality. As "someone solitary, abandoned" by nature, she is self-torturing and easily succumbs to loneliness.

    Self-aware of the fact she is the strongest lifeform, so things like strength and weakness are not part of her criterion for likes and dislikes. After all, everyone else becomes a "weakling" when compared to her.
    What Melusine likes is not the "courage to oppose those stronger than oneself", but the "kindness to sympathise with those weaker than oneself".
    If anything, she will act like a clinging, spoiled child and say "Obey the strong. Unconditionally. In other words, obey me."

    Height/Weight: 147cm・20kg
    Source: French fairy history, Melusine legends
    Region: Dark marsh
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Female(1)
    "Melusine is not my true name though.
    Still, it is a very precious name.

    Dragon Heart: B
    Indicates Melusine's magic circuits, which are also referred as a dragon's reactor, or maybe a dragon's jewel.
    A condition of excessive manifestation of vital energy, classified as a form of "Prana Burst" in the Pan-Human History.
    Having reconstructed herself as a "fairy dragon", Melusine is endowed with the same biological function of a dragon despite not belonging to the draconic species.

    Eternal Arms Mastership: B
    A skill transcripted from Lancelot, a Heroic Spirit from Pan Human History.
    No matter what sort of mental condition she is in, she is capable of perfectly displaying the combat techniques that she learned.
    Something that may also be described as combat experience etched into the body by means of excessive training... but this skill is somewhat superfluous for Melusine, who is tenacious by birth.
    Melusine dislike the very existence of this skill. A living being that was born strong has no need for technique.

    Ray Horizon: A
    Derived from the anecdotes transmitted in England about a dragon (mirage) that protects the "horizon"/"boundary", which is regarded as a gate to the spirit world.(2)
    Melusine is merely her name and vessel as a "fairy", and her original role is that of a "boundary" in itself.
    ...a procedure for the sake of Melusine transforming into her original appearance.


    Innocence Arondight - The Pure Lake Light Not Yet Known
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 2~10
    Maximum Targets: 1 animal
    A simple Noble Phantasm that refines a "Fairy Sword Arondight" inside her outer skin and strike the opponent with it.
    The spear-version of Lancelot's Arondight.
    Damage itself is low, but its rotation rate(2) is top-rank.
    A Noble Phantasm that can be deployed casually, almost as if a normal attack.
    As for why the damage is low, that is because - as far as Melusine is concerned - this is not her own Noble Phantasm, but something borrowed (a forgery) that belongs to Lancelot.

    Hollow Heart Albion - The Pure Heartbeat That Nobody Knows
    Type: Anti_World
    Range: 20~500
    Maximum Targets: 500 animals
    A dragon breath unleashed by Melusine after changing to her "original appearance" by means of the third skill.
    Having turned back to her "original appearance", Melusine is no longer a being that can be called a fairy and the light that overflows from her majestic heart becomes a wide-area destruction weapon.
    That form could be perceived as a rainbow that covers the boundary, or maybe a gate (pattern from a different dimension) to the spirit world that was opened in this world.
    After using this, Melusine will not revert to the vessel as a fairy that she wished "to be like" and instead disappear without anyone knowing.

    The Albion from the Lostbelt continued to fly over the "sea of nothingness" and eventually died out, but this also serves as evidence of the fact that, in any sort of human history, it met a tragic death as a "dragon that failed to return to the star".

    (1) the Japanese term used here is more often employed when referring to animals rather than people

    (2) Much like the case with Barghest, I can't find an actual source for this. I would appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction.

    (3) think of, the rotation of a Gatling gun


    A Knight of the Round Table of King Arthur, from Britain. The Second Seat of the Round Table.
    Percevaus li Galois.(1)
    A sincere knight who was occasionally called a pure fool.

    An expert of the spear. A knight who caught a glimpse of the miracle of the Holy Grail. A compassionate knight who rescued many. Also, the knight who guards the "other holy lance" that is different from the holy spear carried by the King of Knights - namely, Longinus.

    A sincere guardian knight that prizes decorum.
    Also described as pure at times.
    He conducts himself in a gentle manner, without displaying anger or distrust.
    The person himself is not self-aware of this, but unacquainted children and animals easily grow fond of him. In his previous life, he would often stand on the gardens of Camelot to bask in the morning sunlight while having small birds on his shoulders and arms.

    Although he displays a more severe aspect of himself during combat, that is only during combat.

    The Holy Grail was fated to be yielded to Heavens along with Galahad, but the fate of the Holy Lance Longinus was to remain on Earth.
    In this work, the one who brought back said Holy Lance was Sir Percival.

    The existence of the knight Percival was also depicted in Wagner's final opera - "Parsifal".
    In this opera, he is portrayed as the retriever and successor of the Holy Lance.

    A person that is good at taking care of others.
    Someone who often meddles in the affairs of others, especially in regards to younger individuals, his juniors.
    He also yearns to look after the Master.
    That is because he wishes from the bottom of his heart to protect and safely raise youngsters who are likely to become important personages in the future.
    In the Round Table, the young Gareth, the apprentice knight Bors and the son of Sir Lancelot, Galahad, fitted that bill exactly.

    "Sir Percival feels more like a sibling than any of my brothers."

    While still alive, Gareth once muttered those words with a smile in her face.
    ---having accidentally heard such a thing after she had died, Percival shed a single tear in the deserted gardens of Camelot.

    Height/Weight: 195cm・110kg
    Source: Arthurian legends, "Parsifal" opera, etc.
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Gender: Male
    All his food servings are stacked over the top.

    Protection of the Holy Grail: A
    Having witnessed Galahad's ascension, he possesses a strong connection to the Holy Grail and receives a divine protection of sorts from it.
    In some traditions and stories, Percival is even portrayed as a bearer of the Holy Grail

    Guardian Knight (Holy Lance): B+
    A skill that denotes the fact he is a noble knight that safeguards the Holy Lance.
    Something falsely similar to the rare skill Guardian Knight.

    Light of Salvation: B
    Emits a light that conceals protective and restorative effects.
    One of the collateral effects of the Holy Lance turned into a skill.
    This effect can be constantly employed even without releasing the dual restraints.


    Longinus Count-Zero - Illuminating Spear of Destiny
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~70
    Maximum Targets: 600 people
    The other holy lance, which supposedly stabbed the chest of the messiah.
    Once its True Name is released, Longinus functions as a literal anti-fortress Noble Phantasm - displaying the same transcendent might it had shown when Sir Balin used the Holy Lance in his fight against King Pellam, causing the collapse of the royal castle (equated with the Grail Castle Corbenic).
    A fearsome, destructive Noble Phantasm, but it is also endowed with healing powers.

    The Holy Lance is bound by dual restraints, imposed by Galahad and Balin. One can probably also consider this a downsized version of the “Thirteen Restraints” seen in the holy spear Rhongomynyad possessed by the King of Knights (or in the holy sword Excalibur possessed by the King of Knights from another world).

    (1) couldn't come up with a proper translation for the epithet used in the Japanese text, so I am using his formal French title as a placeholder.

    Koyanskaya of Light

    A mysterious Servant that appeared on Chaldea one step ahead of the 6th Anniversary, as if a woman that can sense the mood.
    A S-P-Y whose power, charm are still shrouded in mystery.
    No matter how you look at her, she is the very Koyanskaya who opposed Chaldea. Still, she herself claims to no longer be an infant Beast, but merely an almighty beautiful secretary (light)...?

    The number one agent(1) in term of ability and achievements, and the chief executive officer of the NFF Services, which became a world-leading private military company in just a month, after having just distinguishing itself in 2017 A.D.
    Making "freewheeled wild nature" as her policy, this captivating beauty lead humans around by the nose in a bewitching manner.
    Despite evaluating all human deeds as filthy, she does not dislike them for being filthy. Some things are fun exactly because they are filthy. Such as entertainment, games and business management.

    "If it is just cleaning up all of humanity, then that is something the others can also do right?
    I was born from the evil of caring.
    My resentment is not so shallow as to so easily 'liquidate a sin' and then go home♡."

    As you see, due possessing a personality that seeks to enjoy herself in any circumstances, her attacks towards humanity become quite roundabout.
    She thought of many ways to make humans learn their lesson, but in the end reached the conclusion that "wouldn't degeneration due to being controlled by those they once cared for be the most humiliating and perverse method?" and choose the path of evolving into a "goddess of weapons" worthy of dominating humanity.

    She planned to absorb the "God from Another Planet" as her eighth tail, and then "Chaldea's Master" as her final ninth tail. However, a trouble arose during the sixth tail and immediately caused her to change her schedule→revise her business operations to "a certain project" that was her ultimate goal.

    What really is the true objective of the NFF Services---?

    Due to having great pride as someone who lives by her wild nature, she possesses the sense of integrity to "fulfil her promises without fail", "always return received benefits with benefits, regardless of who the other party is".
    The fact that, during Part 1.5, she was able to operate and achieve success in human society as a business management consultant is probably due to this personality.

    ○Attitude toward the Master
    Her stance is to fulfil his superficial desires... all while skilfully trampling over his essential hopes (his dreams for the future, ideal self, etc.).
    Those contracted with such Koyanskaya will begin to enjoy the everyday life of a successful individual from that day on, but will ultimately become failures after having everything taken way from them, despairing and then losing even the will to go on.
    However. Having discovered her purpose in life in seeing the depressed state of the Master as he despaired upon becoming aware that he lost his chance before even realizing... that he couldn't become his ideal self due being spoiled too much... Koyanskaya will run about to help the Master recover to his previous condition - just so she can experience that purpose in life again.

    Thus an infinite loop of setback→rousing oneself→setback→rousing oneself begins.
    In the end, the matter of who ends in a profit and who ends in a loss will depend on the Master's human strength.

    The Beasts are vices born from "the karma produced as humanity develops". As a candidate for the Beast IV position, Koyanskaya also fits that bill.
    Among those that "were persecuted by humanity・employed for persecution by humanity", this Koyanskaya became one of those "employed for persecution".
    ...namely, a divine spirit that comprises all "harmful tools manufactured by humanity". Upon achieving her Third Ascension, she profess herself to be the Ikusa-Utsuwa-no-Oomikami (roughly, "great god of weapons") out of respect for the culture that gave shape to Tamamo-no-Mae.

    Possessing the privilege to employ all weapons manufactured by humanity, and also the Authority to display their utmost performance.
    Even if she has turned to the light-attribute, her misanthropic tendencies did not change.
    While it may not reach the level of "cleaning up humanity", her stance is that "it is about time for humanity to learn a lesson about getting carried away".

    A revenger that gathered "■■■■■■■".
    Although a pseudo-apotheosis of the natural world's retaliation mechanisms, maybe due the fact that Tamamo-no-Mae is her prototype, her propensity to revelling in pleasure while thinking "all that aside, I will enjoy my own life☆." is quite strong.
    Also, her most important secret is the fact that, regardless of how much of an enemy of humanity with no yearning for marriage she may become, the "predisposition for servicing" possessed by Tamamo-no-Mae alone will not disappear.

    Incidentally, she is not a fox, but a bunny.

    Height/Weight: 168cm・57kg
    Source: Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Russia
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Gender: Female
    "Your request is 'an efficient domination', right?
    Please leave it to me. I shall support/control the Master's livelihood in an impartial, cool-headed manner, without being partial to good nor catering to evil.

    Riding: B
    Somewhat stylish as a woman who rides on the times・fashion.

    Indenpendent Action: EX
    Surprisingly (and frighteningly), the Koyanskaya of Light has no need for the Master.
    There is only one reason why she follows the Master's orders. That is the pride of "unlike humans, I won't break my promises (contracts)".

    Independent Manifestation: C
    The proof of a SPY. Drifter abilities.
    As she possess the Beast-attribute, Koyanskaya can intrude into any sort of different world・different common sense.
    Back when she was an infant Beast, Koyanskaya was able to casually move between Lostbelts and even the blanked Earth. But since this has currently received a great Rank-DOWN, it seems that she can no longer move as casually as before.

    Shapeshifting: A
    Originally something for increasing defensive power, but Koyanskaya instead makes habitual use of this in her SPY activities.

    Innovator Bunny: A
    The Authority to better employ systems devised for the sake of prosperity and construct cycles that torment (exploit) humanity alone... or so she says with a triumphant look, but this is just a hobby, talent of hers.

    Slaughter Finesse (Human): A
    A subspecies of the skill possessed by Archimedes, one of the founders of arithmetics.
    Archimedes ended up manufacturing "weapons of slaughter that surpassed the technological standards of that era" against his wishes, but Koyanskaya obtained this skill by her own desires.
    A skill to freely employ human weapons that exist in a given era and make their might "several times greater than when they are used by humanity". Something that instantaneously enforces nature's cycles of retributive justice (which originally would be something more lenient, taking several hundred years to be implemented).
    As befitting a former infant Beast, this skill denotes the fact that (in theory) "the humanity from said era don't stand a change against her".
    That being said, since this is just a skill to obtain the upper hand against humanity, it is not so absolute when fighting against Servants and monsters.


    Izh Tula・Seven Drive - Spiritual Skirt Multi-Light・Mark 79 Calamity Launcher Grand Shrine(3)
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-World
    Range: 1~9999
    Maximum Targets: 1 city
    The kanji reading is "reishou juukou・nanajuukyuu-shiki tekika taisha".
    Summoning of the NF-79 Suppression Tactical Vehicle (a superior weapon that is the pride of the Tamamo Heavy Industries, a corporation affiliated to the NFF) to exterminate the enemy.
    The NF-79 is both a vehicle and, at the same time, a shrine that exalts Koyanskaya.
    The large amounts of missiles are likened after the tradition of "tekika mansha"(4) - or so she says.
    Although it was graciously bestowed with the name of grand temple, that was not for the sake of demonstrating Koyanskaya's own divine virtues. If anything this harms her divine virtues, or maybe indicates the fact that she is an antagonist of those who are sacred.

    (1) as in "secret agent"

    (2) the Japanese term used here is 愛玩 (aigan; also translated as cherishing, treasuring) and mostly refers to the feelings one has towards a pet or prized possession - not something you should have towards another person

    (3) I have no confidence on the translation of that first section being correct. I believe it is Russian, but I could be wrong.

    (4) 擲果満車 (roughly, cart full of thrown fruits). My research indicate that this based on some sort of Chinese custom, but details are vague.


    A fairy of thread-spinning transmitted in Scotland.
    Supposedly, it weaves fabrics by spinning threads out of cotton flowers and linseed fibers, and then manufactures clothes.
    As it fundamentally takes the shape of an old woman with a bent back, its body is very small, about the size of a human child.
    A fairy that helps women who are training to become brides, it is a bridal fairy of dreams that takes the place of brides that became busy right before their marriage in order to tailor them a wedding dress.

    ○Habetrot from the Fairy Nation Britain
    Makes her first appearance in the interlude as a thread-spinning fairy.
    Along with the Saviour Toneriko, she puts an end to the conflict in Britain.
    Her fate was greatly changed by her encounter with Mash, after she had been Leyshifted to the year 400 of the Fairy Calendar...
    Or rather, she is a fairy who overcame her fate with all her might.
    After the Saviour Toneriko and the First Fairy Knight disappeared from the front stage, she toured around Britain by herself, spreading the culture about wedding ceremonies and sending out many brides.
    By the time the era changed into the Queen Calendar, she turned herself into stone inside a twisted hole in the northern territories and continued to sleep until the time of meeting in the year 2017. After helping out Mash in Sheffield with an innocent look, she guided Chaldea's Master to Orkney and came to accept her own choices.

    Once went by the name Totrot in the Lostbelt, but after being taught about the folklore of Habetrot from Pan-Human History by Mash, she admired that way of being and started to call herself Habetrot upon waking up from her sleep of stone.

    Originally a rambunctious kid from the Wing Clan, she began travelling together with Toneriko as a comrade after losing in a duel.
    (A thread-spinning fairy by nature, but she was troubled by the "disparity in her way of being" created by the fact that she couldn't send out human brides in the Lostbelt. That feeling of loss turned Totrot into a rambunctious kid).
    After that, she thrived as the First Fairy Knight Totrot who fought together with the Saviour Toneriko.

    Incidentally, the one who wrote Mash's name in her shield with chalk during the interlude was Habetrot.
    After borrowing the shield while saying "show it to me", she quickly wrote "Mash" on it. The fact it was done in chalk (which is used for measurements) serves as proof.

    Introvert and active.
    Despite not being prone of self-assertion, she performs what she must do・what she wants to do in a powerful manner.
    She likes good people and hates bad people.
    Be as it may, since the person herself is neutral, despite making a distinction between good and evil, she is not the type to arbitrarily decide which is better and which is worse.
    Fundamentally, Habetrot does not hold a grudge over others.
    She views peace as "comfortable".
    Conflict is "unpleasant due being tiresome".
    That is her sense of values. Basically, she is a fairy that is happy so long she can enjoy herself with some sewing work.

    The Habetrot from the Lostbelt suffered with issues on her memory capacity due to the culture of "seeing off brides" not being developed, but the original Habetrot is very clever despite being a small fairy.
    Also, regardless of being from the Lostbelt or from Pan-Human History, both shared the common trait of being very considerate to others.
    In most cases, humans who get involved with fairies go through a bitter experience, but Habetrot is viewed as a fairy that consistently "protects brides".
    Even if said bride has a past she feels guilty about, or committed some sort of sin.
    Habetrot will sacrifice herself for the sake of that bride's happy future, guiding her to a joyful conclusion.

    ○Fairy Habetrot
    Whether it is the Habetrot from Pan-Human History or the one from the Lostbelt, her true nature remains the same.
    That is: to find a young girl she likes (those Habetrot feel that have the right to become happy brides) and utterly support and look after her.
    Habetrot call such a young girl "my bride".
    After sending out a bride, she will soon look for another one. She ends up becoming engrossed upon finding a good girl, even when she already has a bride, so people say she has a personality that is prone to fall in love.

    Although this is not often spoken, but she is the embodiment of devotion. A fairy of self-sacrifice that priorities the happiness of the bride over her own.

    The reason why Habetrot perceives brides as "treasures" is because she is a fairy that can never become an "adult".
    The truth is that she wants to become a bride herself, but since that can't come true, she at least tries to protect the future of the lovely girls that made her fall in love at first sight.
    Substitute behavior. Or maybe, a brilliant dream such as "it would be wonderful if one day I could... no, I would become like that".(1)

    Height/Weight: 50~60cm・10~20kg
    Source: Fairy history of the British Isles
    Region: Scotland
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    "Brides are great! They are so fluffy and sparkling, pretty like flowers and radiant like birds, right?
    There are no reasons not to like them!

    Thread-Spinning of Good Fortune: A
    It has been said that the thread that Habetrot spins invites good fortune, and those clad in clothes made from those threads become incredibly healthy.
    A charm of sound health.
    It has a good rotation, so it can be readily applied on allies.

    Thread-Spinning of Quick-Sewing: B
    Things like sudden need are everyday occurrences in the sewing business.
    Habetrot had to even finish up a dress in a single day in order to meet with a bride's unreasonable demands.
    "I become very fast!"

    Guardian of Brides: EX
    The views about Habetrot as fairy that deeeefinitely brings happiness to brides, no matter what kind of adversity, trouble or maliciousness they fall onto.
    Applies various support effects to a single target. Can only be used on women.
    "Though I think that a male bride is also fine, don't you agree?"


    Spin-Star Habetrot - A Time Wheel Spun for You
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 10~99
    Maximum Targets: 30 people
    Also called Habe-nyan Cannon.
    Originally, Habetrot's Noble Phantasm would be a dress that makes brides conspicuous called Bridal Spin-Wheel - A Spinning Wheel Bestowed to a Bride. However, it has turned into this "amazing cannon that fires an amazing bullet" due to various reasons.
    (Since the Habetrot summoned by Chaldea is the one from Pan-Human History, she does not know the reason why this weapon lies at the core of her soul)

    When used by Habetrot, it becomes a physical weapon that employs the flywheel instead of a magical reactor to generate magical energy, and shoots out a button in a railgun format.

    Inside the spinning wheel that Habetrot rides lays a "broken Black Barrel".
    (In order to hide said Black Barrel, Habetrot covers it with a fluffy cloth)
    As a matter of fact, a state-of-the-art machine such as the Black Barrel poisons a fairy such as Habetrot just from being touched.
    The reason why she carefully kept it safe to the very end was solely due to a hunch that "Mash will need this eventually".
    She continued to protect the Black Barrel in order to bestow a future to her friend Mash.

    (1) it is hard to come across in the translation, but in the original Japanese, she is changing to a more feminine way of talking mid-sentence.

    Artoria Caster (after change)
    Artoria Caster

    The "Child of Prophecy" that saves the Fairy Nation.
    A special fairy that was dispatched from the inland sea of the star... from Avalon to the surface along with the "Staff of Selection".
    After drifting into the Lake District, she was placed on a boat along with many treasures by the decision of the Chief of the Mirror Clan, eventually reaching the coast of Tintagel and being raised as a fairy of Tintagel from then on.

    In the Lostbelt, she is the same being as the "someone" who was eventually burdened with the holy sword in Pan-Human History.
    Also, an "accumulation device" sent to collect information on the surface, in order to produce the holy sword - a decisive weapon against the "threat to the star".

    A splendidly pure and energetic girl.
    A sore loser who is strong in face of adversity (she stands up even if something unpleasant happens). She hides her true feelings without telling anyone due to taking the surrounding mood into consideration - just like any ordinary young girl.
    Spending her time doing nothing but studying magecraft, she is a practical researcher who runs around the fields just like a young boy.
    The protagonist of the story who lives up to the expectations of the surrounding people and departs on a journey to save Britain as the "Child of Prophecy".

    ...that is her outwards personality・disposition.
    The Artoria from Pan-Human History had a straightforward personality, but the Artoria from the Lostbelt is not that strong. In the inside, she is a pessimist with extremely frail and timid disposition.
    In her heart, she lets out a sigh while thinking that both herself as a "Child of Prophecy" and the surrounding people that self-destruct as they place their expectations on such a thing are foolish.
    (It is not like she has burned out or is looking down on them. She is merely feeling heavy.)

    Still, since she is mindful about the surrounding mood, Artoria does not reveal those inner aspects of herself and instead ends up keeping up with the appearances by saying "ok, leave it to me!" and behaving exactly as the surroundings expect. All because she doesn't want to have a quarrel with anyone, doesn't want to hate anyone.
    A hard-working commoner who is bad at the essentials, makes a lot of blunders and stumbles all over her path. Her only merit is the fact she is quick to get up after a fall. As such, her stock phrase is "sorry for being weak. I will work hard, I will work hard".
    Her inner monologue at times like these is something like "I'm scared of fighting. Mutual hate is tiresome. I'm much happier living normally."
    Although she is constantly "finding faults in herself" in this manner, one can say that the very fact that her personality - which "worries about the surroundings, without falling to evil nor forgetting about decorum" - does not waver no matter what sort of harsh circumstances・cruel treatment she faces serve as proof that she is an aristocrat.
    The definite difference between her and Oberon is that one point.

    During the journey of pilgrimage, while the motivation of the fake Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but I'll work hard because I want to help everyone", the motivation of the true Child of Prophecy was "I'm scared, but saying such a thing would make everyone disappointed, so I have no choice but to work hard".

    She kept hiding a negative mental state in which "everyone is scary, society is disgusting and I can't keep my motivation up even if you tell me to save the world. But since going against the surroundings is also unpleasant, I'll work hard as a saviour".
    Although that ended up becoming "a noble deed in the eyes of others", "the same way of being as King Arthur", Artoria Caster's inner aspects are awfully abject, pessimistic and negative. As such, she is always finding faults in herself.
    "I was able to persevere this time, but most likely, next time, I will probably end up giving up on everything..."

    If the Fairy Kingdom is a fairy-tale pictured by Morgan, the journey of pilgrimage is a fairy-tale describing Artoria's growth.
    Despite appearing to fill the same role as Dorothy - the protagonist of "Wizard of Oz" - she actually possesses a weakness akin to an aggregation of the scarecrow that can't walk properly (can't see his own feet, has no wits), the woodcutter with a hollow heart and the lion that don't want to display courage.
    Why was this Artoria able to remain as the "Child of Prophecy" to the very end? What was she fighting for?
    That answer becomes the end of her story.

    Height/Weight: 154cm・42kg
    Source: Fate/Grand Order
    Region: Inland Sea of the Star, Tintagel of the Sea Roar
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Gender: Female
    Since she is not a fairy originated from the Fairy Nation Britain, the fairies from Britain have an instinctive antipathy against her.
    Conversely, for fairies who hate all fairies from Britain, fairies not born in the Six Clans and fairies who hate themselves to begin with, the "fairy of paradise" is a source of solace.

    Charisma of Hope: B
    Having been raised and departed on a journey as the Child of Prophecy, Artoria is endowed with the charisma to make people place their hopes and rely on her.

    Fairy of Avalon: A
    A power concealed under the name "Protection of the Lake".
    The power possessed by a fairy of paradise to bless life and protect the target's strength of fate from all sorts of corruption.

    Holy Sword Creation: A
    A power concealed under the name "Sword of Selection".
    Once this power has truly awoken, everything that she creates will end up gaining the "sword"-attribute.

    Fairy Eyes: A
    Not the mystic eyes that people possess, but the field of vision that "switches over the world", which fairies are endowed with from birth.
    The fairy eyes possessed by high ranking fairies are described as eyes capable of seeing through all lies and projecting the truth.
    Since good will and ill will are both lumped together by fairies, this is a mostly meaningless supernatural power as far as they are concerned. Still, nothing good will come out from a human that feels perplexed by the differences between good and evil possessing these eyes.

    Because of these eyes, Artoria Caster could see all the lies and true intentions of people.
    This is why, as far as she is concerned, the human world is a "storm of ill will" and both fairies and humans felt equally "scary, disgusting".
    The only thing she saw in her dreams while sleeping was this "storm of ill will". Originally, it wouldn't be surprising if this condition made her go mad and caused her to forsake Britain. Still, the only thing that served as a source of hope for her was a small blue star that shined all by itself beyond the storm.


    Round of Avalon - Promised Stars that Assemble in a Perfect Circle
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~999
    Maximum Targets: All allies
    The Noble Phantasm of Artoria after she became the "Guardian of Britain".
    Manifesting the Camelot of Twilight and bestowing the gift of a "Knight of the Round Table" to those who fight together with her.
    (In game, its effects are the same as Around Caliburn)

    Artoria Caster fulfilled her duties in the Fairy Nation and vanished.
    Afterwards, having consecrated her body to the holy sword and turned into the holy sword itself, she became an anthropic principle auxiliary device that aids "those who oppose a threat that endangers the star".
    Its name is Artoria Avalon.
    Her appearance in the Third Ascension is actually the proper figure of the one summoned here. What we see in the First and Second Ascension is but an emulation of the way of being of a "departed someone", which created her... not the memories as a fairy of paradise, but the memories of spring from when she travelled as a Child of Prophecy.
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    Out of curiosity, why is Liu Pengli listed as having Pleasure Killing when he doesn't have it? It makes sense, but it doesn't seem to be in his kit.
    The Skill completely slipped my mind when I was writing him. I could edit it in, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary now, since it's been a pretty long time since I wrote him. As you said, it still makes sense for him to have that Skill, though.
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    Out of curiosity, why is Liu Pengli listed as having Pleasure Killing when he doesn't have it? It makes sense, but it doesn't seem to be in his kit.
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