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  1. I Am Legally Required To Make This Compendium

    Normal Servants:


    Not a whole lot to work with for Rati, and the one other ability she has (making illusions to have sex with people) wasn't something I could make reader-friendly. Still, not a half-bad sheet.


    Big fan of my fucked up momma's girl. First Servant I made that I immediately felt I did a good job with. The technical "alternate" participant of the

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  2. Upcoming Sheets

    Obviously subject to change, and will be updated every so often. Have some internet points and a sense of pride and accomplishment if you can guess their identities before I put them out.

    Currently working on these...

    ????? of the Archipelago: Daughter of ????
    Tell me, do you comprehend the depths of your folly? Have your kind finally come to beg for forgiveness and salvation after the hell you've put us through? Or have you come to embrace your own hypocrisies? ...

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