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  1. When Heroic Spirits Steal All Your Music

    So... Umm... This is a thing...
    My Servants are taking over my music playlist!

    (Please be aware that I almost exclusively listen to soundtracks)

    Like, seriously.
    Aside from several songs from FF:CC The Crystal Bearers' soundtrack, Atalanta's made me listen to Twilight Dwellers from Soul Calibur 4 a hundred times already I'm sure, which is not a problem, because it's a great song, but still...

    Arturia's been monopolizing everything by Kalafina (with ...
  2. Oh shit I still have blog entries.

    Break is gone. How do I get rid of them?
  3. Still Blogging About My As-Of-Yet Nonexistent Fanfic

    It's getting too chaotic for me to keep a firm hold on what I want to do everywhere.

    So I realized that if I used all the Servants I wanted, I wouldn't be able to kill anyone until the very end of my story.

    So my solution:

    Add seven more Servants?

    This is getting out of handů
    But then, wasn't that the premise that I wanted from the very beginning?

    With twenty-one masters, getting the characters around the world should be easier ...

    Updated August 9th, 2016 at 01:15 PM by Draconic

  4. A day in the life of emohawk, or, the adorable boy who could(n't) speak 4 languages.

    So a quick recap of my work for the purpose of this story. First off, I volunteer at a charity organization for my master's program. Or at least I did, seeing as how I graduate on the 12th. Anyway, I handle client evaluations who come in looking for different charity and assistance.

    so this elderly grandmother comes in, she is Spanish only, no English, and she can't read. Happens all the time, NBD. Luckily in this case, she brought her 10 year old grandson to translate and fill out ...
  5. Now I can't stop listening to...

    But maybe it's okay.