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  1. I pooped blood

    It was like diarrhea but there was a fair bit of blood when I wiped. Pretty gnarly looking.

    I stopped pooping blood the next morning though. I'm probably fine. My fate is in the Emperor's hands now.
  2. The Morrigan

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Morrigan_by_irenhorrors_dbiyd9m-fullview (3).png 
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    Source: IrenHorrors,
    Class: Rider (Assassin, Caster)
    True Name: The Morrigan
    Origin: Celtic Myth
    Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
    Other Classes: Assassin (Rider, Caster), Caster (Rider, Assassin)
    Appearance: When Macha is at the helm, a beautiful young woman with curly brown hair and alabaster skin and red eyes and has lean muscles. Wears black robes with a feathery mantle holding

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  3. My First Servant: Jack O' Lantern

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    Fairly new to the forum and this is my first actual sheet. I made it primarily to try my hand at servant sheets after discovering they were a thing. Hope its good but I appreciate critique and criticism!

    Name:  download.png
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    Source: Billy Christian,
    Class: Assassin
    True Name:
    Origin: Ireland Folklore
    Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
    Other Classes: Caster
    Appearance: His appearance varies from summoning to

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  4. I Bid You Welcome and Good Evening!

    So, long time no see!

    I've been alive. Not really working on any fanfiction, but it's good to see that the old stomping grounds are alive and well.

    With that being said, I do play a ton of FGO. And I have an absurd amount of luck when it comes to Sabers in that game. I got NP2 Mordred, Sigfried, Atilla, and Otika as well as most of the 4 Star Sabers. I have no luck when it comes to Lancers though. I had to buy my two 5 Star Lancers and I'm still salty that I still ...
  5. Berserker Sisyphus Additional Information

    Development Info

    So I originally came up with this as an idea for Daybitís servant based on me misremembering what his servant said precisely, I still feel it would be a good servant for the man as he is one which tries to achieve the impossible similar to Sisyphus here, but thatís probably not the case. The reason I chose him as Grand Berserker or at least a candidate for the role is due to Einstein popularly (but falsely) being associated with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing