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  1. Last Day: Anime Japan 2016 convention

    Home now. Before we started on the long trip home on the last day, we went to the Anime Japan 2016 convention. Well...some of us did. Anyway, it wasn't as cool as I had hoped, but still worth checking out. We went too late in the day though, so we missed most of the events...And most of the cool merchandise was sold out everywhere as well...Oh well.

    The Tokyo Big Sight building where the convention was held. It's HUGE:

  2. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Convention...

    Long, long ago, I went to Anime Revolution 2012 in Vancouver and saw the events, bought the swag, and photographed the cosplayers.

    Just a few months or so back, I happened to actually meet up with one of those cosplayers. In fact, we actually work together and live in the same town, which really is kind of surprising. You might vaguely remember her from my AR blog here, in which I mistook her for the actually super famous cosplayer/model Jessica Nigri.

    The girl in question ...
  3. Cosplay Shenanigans

  4. STGCC day 2


    Uploading 5 for now because it's slow as hell getting the sync to happen so I'm emailing them to myself at the expense of the 5 picture limit.

    Tags: cosplay, Girls, hnng, hot, inori
  5. Anime Revolution - Day 3

    Ah, the last day of Anime Revolution! As it happened, this was the day with the most rigid schedule, for me at least. Though, unfortunately, my friends and I left at 9 instead of 8, and so I didn't get there obsessively early to do everything at the convention.

    There was about an hour or so before I planned to get in line for The Dark Side of Jouji Nakata, and in that hour I first got my commission ordered, for seven dollars from the same group of girls that sold me their awesome Mami ...
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