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  1. Impression of some Stay Night fanworks by Himura Kiseki

    My lord. Sword Dancers is pretty wild.

    When I woke up today, I did not expect to find out that the creator of Getsuyoubi no Tawawa (Himura Kiseki) had created some fanworks of Fate/Stay Night while looking through a TYPE-MOON iceberg. (Please note that these are not Ero-doujins no matter how lewd they may seem)

    Fate/Stay Night - Sword Dancers - It's F/SN, but with a Female Archer. Well, except for the fact
    that she's actually Illya who turned into
  2. Help Translating Empire of Dirt Servant profiles

    I bought the fan book with all the Servant profiles to help support the gameís release but I canít read Japanese myself. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping translate them?
  3. Takuechi Takashi's Pre-TYPE-MOON Doujinshi

    Takuechi Takashi's Pre-TYPE-MOON Doujinshi
    See this post and more at Keripo's Corner

    Takeuchi Takashi (武内崇) is a Japanese artist best known as the illustrator and co-founder of TYPE-MOON. In otherwords, he's the artist behind all the characters from Tsukihime, Fate/stay night, and Kara no Kyoukai (yes, he drew your waifu).

    But before TYPE-MOON became a commercial company in 2004 with ...

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