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  1. Excerpt from ???

    An excerpt from a thing that might be happening soon. Who knows.


    Gray tried to suppress a shiver as she watched the entrance at the far end of the hallway.

    As always, the ruins around her were uncomfortably warm. Only a dull, muted sunlight managed to penetrate this deep within the temple, meaning most of the light in the chamber came from the two makeshift torches set up ...
  2. True Apocrypha

    Originally written for Milbunk's 2016 Fanfiction Contest.

    Just a bit over 20k words, estimated reading time about 1 hour 20 minutes.

    One-line synopsis:
    A story detailing Riesbyfe and Sion's mission against the TATARI, three years before the first Melty Blood.


    True Apocrypha

    -=The First Night=-

    Sion ...
    Tags: fanfiction
  3. Where the Circle Ends

    Originally written for Kirby's 2016 Secret Santa contest.

    6565 Words. Estimated read time: 25 minutes.

    Working from the prompt:

    "As humanity faces its final days, Roa contemplates the end of eternity."


    Sand and dust grinding under his feet were the only sounds in the air as he leisurely ascended the worn steps in the darkness. He had already climbed ...
    Tags: fanfiction
  4. Guide to Prix Fiction

    Welcome to my world of loose-sifted lore and characters who have lots of feelings. I have my very own author tag, but this post is a way to present my stuff in a way I find a little more detailed and pleasing. Hopefully I'll keep it updated.

    Entry Format

    Title. Characters. Relevant Work(s) Optional Summary. Notes.

    Current Work

    Empty Gold. Saber (Artoria), Gilgamesh, Kotomine Kirei. Post-Fate/Zero At the end of the War, Artoria ...

    Updated May 16th, 2020 at 06:16 AM by Prix with a Silent X

    Tags: fanfiction
  5. The Night of Warakia (Re-edit) and Creating A Generic Outline for The Scarred Stars

    I completed my re-edit of "The Night of Warakia". Now to re-evaluate what I am going to bring into the final chapter of the LunarFate Saga, "The Scarred Stars". I'll try to get it out before school starts. I intend on being a sociologist after the fall quarter, but that may change as the school year progresses.

    Chapter 1 - + + +
    Chapter 2 - + + +
    Chapter 3 - + + +
    Chapter 4 - + + +

    Chapter 5 - + + +
    Chapter 6 - + + +
    Chapter ...
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