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  1. An End

    Dear All,

    Five_X has decided to end his relationship with me. After four years (our opinion differs on our experiences of it) he's decided to end it all, without speaking to me once about it.

    To be honest, this relationship has never been as fulfilling as it could be. We had aspirations, but turns out only I ever took them seriously.

    He met Glow on here in January. Instead of talking about any problems in our relationship with me - his then fiancee - he disclosed ...

    Updated October 4th, 2016 at 07:16 PM by EXiku

  2. Skype emotes are literally the worst.

    I thought that just needed to be said. Again. And I won't stop until Microsoft bans non-textual emoticons because honestly graphic emoticons are ridiculously outdated.
  3. Twitter Lair

    There was a time when #notes reigned supreme.

    Then, Skype arose to take its place.

    Now, there is only Twitter, and Beast's Lair forumites have taken to this social media phenomenon in increasing droves in the past months.

    I am, unfortunately, one of them.


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  4. A Couple Blokes in Manchester

    sorry for not posting this earlier, my camera was messing up ;__;

    I went up to Manchester and said hi to Strife (in his new home) and Bridge, who was chilling out and graduating and stuff. We even saw a church and an old library, too! It was cool getting to see Strife again, and meeting Bridge for the first time; we all went to an Italian restaurant, and Bridge and I just talked history and BL shit for a while. Good stuff.
  5. New York, New Yoooooooooooork

    I think this is the City That Never Sleeps, right??

    EXiku and I are here for a week for a friend's wedding, and while we're going to be pretty busy, we're trying to see what we can see of the big city, like the proper tourists we are.

    Already I introduced EXiku to the deliciousness of Philly cheese steak, and she's had the unique North American experience with street evangelists, and we also had some White Castle. All this is just from a bit of walking and bussing around ...
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