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  1. Five_X: On Caesar

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    This doesn't even make much sense at all - and I'm not even going to go into your poorly-summarized history of the man's life and history yet!

    You're putting a huge amount of emphasis on Caesar's role as Flamen Dialis (one of several) and later his role as Pontifex Maximus. Caesar's only real interest in the gods was in his ability to make people think of him as divinely blessed, because Romans were a pretty superstitious bunch to say the least. He did things like
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  2. Big Haul Today

    I needed to kill time today around noon, since I didn't want to leave my bike hanging around high school kids on their lunch break, and so I decided to go to The Book Man, the awesome local used books store.

    I was initially thinking of just meandering around in there for an hour or so, but then I checked the Languages and History sections - coming upon some things that intrigued me greatly.

    The Latin books were apparently stocked up to maximum, with way more than I even ...
  3. The Suicide of Julius Caesar

    After doing quite a lot of reading, I've come to the conclusion that the assassination of Julius Caesar may have, in fact, been a strategic suicide on Caesar's part, a reversal of the plot of Cassius Longinus and Junius Brutus. I believe that Caesar intended this suicide after some contemplation as a pragmatic method of creating an empire or ensuring lasting political power in Rome.

    I'll write up a full pseudo-essay later on, possibly tomorrow.
  4. Sexy Romans!

    Also known as: Five_X talks about his favourite subject.

    Why am I doing this? Well, no particular reason. I just felt like educating all you people on a topic that is, to me at least, quite fascinating: sexuality in Roman society.

    Now, Roman society in general is really interesting to me, but of course sexuality is a definite part of that. What makes it intriguing, though, is how the Romans viewed sex and sexuality, in contrast to our own, modern senses. A lot has changed ...