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  1. Day 7 - Shimogomo temple, Sakura, eagles, shopping.

    Not much that happened today. Resting day without any particular plans before we finally leave Kyoto and head to Hakone tomorrow. Most went to shop in various places, but me and 3 others went to the Shimogomo temple, another temple on the Unesco world heritage list, though smaller. Lots of those apparently. You can never get enough temples. ;-) Also finally got to see a Sakura tree in full bloom, so I took some pictures of that. Also saw several eagles, but didn't manage to take any pictures of ...

    Updated March 16th, 2016 at 02:51 PM by Rokudaime

  2. Ogre-like Translations: Karna ・ Apocrypha Husbando; Final Destination Karna

    I liked the title for that poll.

    These are a bit earlier because I have stuff tomorrow.


    Kavacha and Kundala
    O Sun, Become Armor

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Range: 0
    Maximum Targets: 1
    Fearing becoming an unmarried ...

    Updated August 19th, 2014 at 03:28 PM by You

  3. Sexual Preference Analysis Part One: Matou Shinji Really Needs To Come Out of the Closet

    So, several fellow fic writers are doing character studies. Which is really neat, but it's not something I can really do. Most of my characterization is internal, it's a gut reaction. There's a lot of going with my gut when I write. There's also a lot of analyzing too (at one point I need to do a blog about Archer and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), but there's a lot that only makes sense to me. Because I'm crazy.

    However, there is something I can share involving analyzing
  4. Character Study: Sakura Matou

    DISCLAIMER: All right. What follows is, I specify right now, my own personal opinion. Only my opinion, and I do my level best to remain polite, objective, and tactful when delivering it. I ask nothing more of that from any commentary: polite and respectful of the fact that your opinions are just that, opinion. Debate is fine, being a jerk is not. And in this blog, you are in the Sovereign State of Moczotopia, where I am judge, jury, and executioner. Step out of line, and I will have the People's ...
  5. Recruiting Type-Moon fans is fun

    So, never really blogged (that's actually a word in the dictionary?) before, but hey, couldn't hurt to post my random musings. So, thanks to Katawa Shoujo, my friends have been introduced to the wonderful world of VNs. Seeing this as my chance to strike, I offered them Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night to play. Three of them would try it out later after the end of February , as we currently have major stuff to do at school. One of them, however...

    We chat on Live Messenger after school ...