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  1. Self-Teaching Japanese

    The Japanese-only release of Remake has got me thinking about learning Japanese again. I have already built up a range of online and offline resources to to help me with this.

    I have a few minor advantages going into this:
    - I have already taught myself hiragana to the extent that I can read anything written in it at a moderate pace, and have made good progress with katakana.
    - I am already familiar with some linguistic terminology and the IPA because of my conlanging hobby. ...
  2. Tsukihime gba rom!

    Some days ago i found and posted here gba roms of Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya, however only Kagetsu worked without problems on gba emulators.
    But, today i found a gba rom of Tsukihime that works pretty well in gba emulators! Imagine if someone puts the translation in the Tsukihime rom before the remake comes out hahaha that would be funny
    here's the link:
  3. Eternal Devotion

    by , January 23rd, 2015 at 06:18 PM (My fingers are blogging on their own)
  4. A journey through old stuff part 1/???

    by , January 19th, 2015 at 07:04 PM (My fingers are blogging on their own)
    May I interest you in some old 2000+ Kagetsu Tohya screenshots?

  5. Arcueid Brunestud V1 Custom Dollfie Dream

    Arcueid Brunestud V1 Custom Dollfie Dream
    See this post and more at Keripo's Corner.

    Could this be the True Ending?


    A while back, following my second Japan trip, I ventured into the world of Dollfie Dreams and created my very first custom DD, Arcueid V0. It was "V0" because at that time, she was created using only standard/unremarkable parts that you can easily ...

    Updated April 7th, 2014 at 02:57 AM by Keripo

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