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My Fanfic Idea: Fate/Pokemon

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So recently, I've been thinking about writing a fanfic about Tokiomi, Kirei and a female master (I haven't really decided who the female master is going be yet, ideas from others would be nice) as Pokemon Trainers. Obviously other Masters are going to appear as Gym leaders and the Elite Four (if I can get that far). Other minor characters will appear as regular pokemon trainers that our main character Tokiomi will have to deal with.

I was inspired thanks to this picture.

As you can see the Assassins and Gilgamesh are going to be the Duskulls and Pikachu respectively. I've even thought up a name for them Haskulls and Gilgachu.

Keep in mind that I haven't had the time to play Fate/EXTRA yet (But I will soon). So if you're going to give me ideas about a female master that's going to be joining Tokiomi and Kirei on their adventure, stick to Fate/Stay Night or Ataraxia.

Does anyone here think this sounds like a good idea?