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MEMORY CHECK! Going through the entire Fate series again from the beginning.

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Even though I've looked up the Fate series before, I felt like doing again the entire series starting from the Fate scenario. I just never explained my opnions on the series when I first got here, not the new site, when y'all had the old one, nor proved my knowledge with type-moon works with 100% accuracy just yet. So I'm making sure I look this stuff over and prove to myself that I got the events, trivia, and etc. all down. I'll do the same with Tsukihime it's been a long time since I looked all the scenarios. I just don't want to forget this stuff and feel like a incompetent jacka** that's all.

Starting from the prologue, it made sense for the novel to start off at Rin's perspective as it is intriguing to see things on her point of view, Although the interactions were neat between her and the classmates including Shiro, was yet to have his story started from his perspective. I just wanted to see the action, that I was discussed about before I even arrived at Beast's Lair.

I haven't also forgotten how Rin introduced herself to Archer, or was it the other way around. It was different from the manga version where I started at first, but how Rin reacted to Archer's attitude was there and it made me laugh, although I perfered the one from the manga where she compeletely went off on Archer more frantically and then used up one of her Commands Spells.

And boy it wasn't too long until the first action seen between Lancer vs Archer, a fantastic start. Of course Shiro had to go and get killed by Lancer...duh.

It leads all way until Shiro summons Saber and becomes a master in the Holy Grail War. Then it shifts to Shiro's

I'm already going through the Rider fight, I did finally get something down with Servants and Masters, especially the parts where the Master when summoning a Servent will get one that is depends on their personality. And this Magic Circuit that opens up a possibility of various Magical Abilities, turning it on like a switch, pretty much a mental thing that can be triggered with your will.

Of course I can get the idea of it while I'm looking it over asking questions to the more experienced readers and thinkers of Beast's Lair.

I'm enjoying the battle so far, it's exactly when I first saw it, I felt like Shiro was screwed until he summon Saber. Of course I still have some faint memories of previous battles of the Fate scenario at least. I don't know it's been a while. *sighs* I feel stupid not getting this down sooner probably for a second time. Either way I'll be glad when I can finally say some words.

Also, due to the budget thing I been having, I've been watching this stuff on youtube, meaning the H-scenes are censored or just not shown there for a reason. It doesn't bother me, but I'm sure it's something fun. Of course I did see a few uncensored cg pics, I just never said anything about it because after all that it never crossed my mind.

As a gamer, I don't stop with anything until it gets finished, except i can temporarily put it off for now doing real life.

I'm sorry for never just discussing it with you guys like I wanted too, it's just real life and various video games that have been of my attention. I just couldn't ignore them as well, but I should have kept it in mind that Type-Moon work i have read and looked over those. That's why I've been kicking it down at the 7th dimension for the most part.

Of course at the rate I'm going, I should be done with at least two scenarios Fate and UBW within three weeks at best.