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Not translating DDD

DDD: HandS(R), Prologue. (take 2)

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"Hey, Ishizue-san.
What if you could give a form to God?
What would you imagine God as?"
"As a hand.
If God is an object that gave mind to human,
then human's hand is a God himself..."

... Whatever he did, nothing worked out well.

At one summer night, when he was found by a phantom under the Sun, lying on a two-tier bed, he vaguely realized: what if he wasn't just awfully mistaken until now, but also can't correct his mistakes until death?
Next morning, his uneasiness came true.
And now the kind smile of his father, without a filter, was a smile full of prudence, and gentle eyes of his mother weren't radiating love and care, but were blackened with indulgent pity.
For a moment... He remembered his friend, who did one wrong step and tumbled down the stairs.
If you only look at the good side, he was a perfect child, a honor student. If you ask for people's opinion, everyone valued him. But...

Phantom from yesterday chuckles.
Know your place. Nothing will go well like clockwork.
You are a loser for eternity.

... Recovery wasn't going well.
When your way of acting lacks important, vital parts...
A car, even a very fast one, is imperfect and defective without brakes. One day it will fail to make a right turn.
When you notice disconnection, it becomes much clearer.
And here you notice that you, no, your way of acting is only calling for a general enmity. And if so...


Well, and he...
Whatever he did, nothing worked out well.

--- HandS.(R)

\Beginning of 2004
Hisaori Shinya, male, 16 years old.
He became a witness in Hisaori Makina's aggression outburst case, which happened in their house, and after the crime his mental condition became unstable, which is why his sanity was put under doubt, and he was placed in this clinic for appropriate procedures.
-- What, name?.. You ask that right in time, nothing to say. That name had a meaning, but it was long ago, and it's mostly dispersed by now. But, hm... Well, yes, since it's left in documents and examination results, then I'm surely... it's.... Hisaori Shinya.
Right after coming to clinic, Hisaori Shinya refused to cooperate, and he neither said that he wasn't involved in the crime nor that he's Hisaori Shinya.
Investigation assumed that it was an attempt to avoid being listed as involved in the crime, but later agreed with psychiatrists about necessity of clinical examination. Three doctors diagnosed a rare mental state, in which patient would be happy to admit he's Hisaori Shinya, but just can't believe it.
-- Of course, whatever happened, I am me. I just couldn't do anything. I came to senses after falling from chair, nothing changed inside of me, but... but my place in life disappeared.
In Hisaori Shinya's statement words "loss of self" and "capture" were frequently repeated. A responsible doctor noted scopophobia, an obsessive idea of being constantly observed by someone.
-- So, as I was saying - when I fell, a suspicious demon got seated in a chair. By the way, it's you who left him roam free, while it still wasn't late!

Taking in account the tragedy, consisting of two dead and one heavily wounded, and also mental state and age of Hisaori Shinya, medical commission made a decision of putting patient in a clinic.
Two weeks after the tragic events took place, Hisaori Shinya admitted his guilt and repented for his sins. In clinical record, it was noted, that due to the temporary nature of violent lunacy, there is a chance for full recovery after the appropriate psychiatrical procedures, and he may hope for indulgence of the court.

-- What?.. Are you joking? I don't intend to return to my former life. Let's say, just because I was placed here, my reputation is already over. I don't have a place in life, what am I going to do there? Just fall into depression. An odd man out - that's not for me.

Hisaori Shinya admitted the fact of murdering his parents with his own hands, of his aggression to his older sister, after which...
-- That's why I want to die as soon as I can. But I just can't die yet. Terrible, yes, but that's my mission. You left me roaming free. Oh yes. Now I have to use my life to bring down that demon.

He still calls himself a victim.
Below is the protocol of events from three years ago, during which Hisaori Koji and Hisaori Kayo were killed.

"Hisaori-san from the third room - it's that role model one, you know? Looks like it fits. Amazing, so little, but made such a mess... And I pity him too, just came out to the street, bang - killed two people... That's an exile to a colony right away, right?"
"Half a year ago, yes. But now, you know, that 'obsessed' thing? Well, because of it, parents' death is an 'accident', well, at least they say so..."
"Really?! I heard it was a false accusation, and it sounds true - he was mumbling something crazily, but there's something... about the damage done to corpses, or something like that."
"Is that so... Well, what did it start from, anyway?"

"Huh? You don't know?
Well, listen. Hisaori-kun has an older sister..."


Next part coming tomorrow, most probably.

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