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Blogspot # 2 - Sleepy week

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Well, this sofar has been a fun week. Kinda true, and paradoxly not true either.

Well, i think i'm gonna use this blogspace in the end and use it to keep track of my life, like a diary of sorts... hopefully, posting from my smartphone doesnt undo all the editing, as it has in my last few posts here.

Ok. Let's start then.

This week, well, i've been kinda lost. Moving along in the wind, not really getting much done. Monday i "got" my hands on the PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep Final mix (english patch) and played BBS for the first time tuesday.

I forgot how addicting a kingdom hearts game is. Kinda remembered around the 8th hour i clocked, about 12 hours after i started. Overall, i love it. Wensday i got home from work, ended up finished Terra's story and started up Ven's story on hard/proud (for those who dont know, BBS has 3 characters to choose from, beating their stories unlock the final story, and beating that in the final mix edition of the game unlocks a "secret episode")

Yea, i really didnt do anything other the BBS this week, once i got my hands on it and my brain back on the KH train.

Well, about my whole set of videogames, i do infact have a ton of them. And a ton i havent even finished. I swear i own at least 100 games i havent even played yet, and more i havent even beaten thanks to my short adhd attention span.

And so, i'm gonna make the decision to complile a big list, and i'll let all of you guys decide the game i play, beat, then move onto. I'll come in a future blogging (pushing it off again?)

As much as i like the games, i gotta not play them and focus on my own things, both irl and not. I got fanfics / and original fiction to write, a programming code to learn, college classes to take and well, spending time with other human beings so they can remind me of all the other things i've been pushing off. Like reading everyone's fanfics here too...especially Kieran's. I was in the middle of his "scions of destiny" when I went awol before (I don't see it anymore. I am curious as to what happened)

Can't remember anything else i need to say today, so i'll cut it short and end this blogging (and enjoy the rest of my lunchbreak)

See ya next time.