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God bless AGTH and ITH (and Atlas translator)

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How... how did I miss the existance of such wonderful programs? AGTH/ITH + Altas translator = Me happily reading Mahoyo without any patches. The translation isn't that good, but it is 70% understandable and I can make sense of the rest.

Atlas is sooo better than Google Translate, because I can program it to not translate character names ('Aozaki Aoko' instead of 'Aosaki blue girl' and 'Misaki' instead of '3 saki') and add words that aren't on the dictionary. Wonderful!

And AGTH/ITH + Atlas translator = Me happily reading other VNs



  1. Enhance's Avatar
    Google translate has hardships making out sentences - no - if you enter more than one word in it, it starts doing wonders.
  2. Break's Avatar
    i use AGTH and ATlas, but what is ITH? also how do i program it to not translate character names? ive been depsairing at that problem of it, so...
    also adding words... i guess i need some updates on its proper use. care to enlighten me? maybe in a PM?
  3. Lianru's Avatar
  4. Mike1984's Avatar
    I've tried Atlas before, but I never got a particularly good result out of it....

    It is better than Google, though, if only because you can program it to treat "Sakura" as a name rather than translating it to "cherry"....
  5. Nicktendonick's Avatar
    Hmmm, Impressive. I think I'll take a look at this program next time I need translating. Thank you.