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I'm bored, and need to blabber

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I found out that you can watch all the cutscenes from the first Melty Blood on Youtube. In English. So what was the point in installing and playing it!? I feel like a jackass now. Hey, at least I know a place where I can see Akiha transform into a giant now, LOL.


I did the impossible. I fired up my Kindle reader, and tried to read the free sample of 50 Shades of Gray.

In all honesty, it's not the worst thing ever, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut there's definitely some serious problems with it. Number one, the text itself is awkward in at least half of all the paragraphs. The writer in me kept asking, "Wait, shouldn't this be phrased like X instead of Y?" Also, places where there should've been commas or semicolons were empty, and just made sentences run on like crazy. Thirdly, Ana is really annoying. If she's 21, why does she mentally speak like a 13 year old? It was to the point where I started imagining her voice sounding like Noel Vermillion from the Blaz Blue games, except that's an insult because I genuinely like Noel. And also, why do the two always, and I mean always, address each other as "Miss Steele" and "Mister Gray"? And keep in mind, this was just the free sample; this was before the story was derailed into a series of pornographic encounters.

Yet, in spite of how cliched it was, I feel it had potential. The characters could've been interesting, the dialog could've been wittier, the descriptions could've been less awkward, it could've had more than just sex and (if the Amazon reviews are true) sociopathic abuse from the guy's part . . . whoa. Maybe this really is shit, and the preview is the best part? Some of the reviews said it started off just fine, but alas. Oh yeah, I think I know why this is a best-seller; look at the positive reviews. Some of the fans sound like they haven't read a book since high school. So if I dumbed down my next ebook, I can attract a much larger audience? Oh wait, I promised my family I was going to make a smart sci-fi action series, nevermind!


Do you know where most of my knowledge of American pop culture comes from? Having watched The Simpsons as a child.

Here's a recent case in point. Some time ago, I'm home, my dad has the day off. We watch some tv, and we find the movie Manhunter. Manhunter is a favorite film of my dad's, so we watched it. I didn't get to see all of it, but I did get to see the climax, which plays this in the background. My first thought? "That's from the Simpsons!" Even though Manhunter predates that.

In fact, look at the top comment in that video. I'm not alone. The Simpsons have done everything now.

Oh yeah, really cool part? Later that day, my dad revealed that he has that Iron Butterfly album on vinyl. We listened to it. It was cool.


It's really hot right now. Even with the air conditioner running, I still sweat. What do?


Hey kids! Wanna see an LP of the worst first-person shooter (or one of the worst) ever?

Ever heard of Isle of the Dead? Now you'll wish you hadn't. It looks like a really, really, really ugly version of Doom (came out in 1993), and it is very retro 90s. Since it's retro 90s, allow me to say, Kusoge to the MAX! (tm)


Great. Now I can't think of anything else to write right now. Oh! I have an idea! Let's have a quiz! Identify the speaker of this passage:

Dainty little girls to be found!
Horrifying screams to resound!
Blood and gibs spilled over the ground!
All sorts of dazzlements abound!

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  1. Irothtin's Avatar
    On the subject of Let's Plays of bad FPS games, I recommend the Trespasser LP by ResearchIndicates.
  2. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    You know, as an American, I can confess I have never once watched The Simpsons.
  3. Theocrass's Avatar
    Despite what many people will probably tell you, I can confidently say that you're not really missing out on much.
  4. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    If you do start watching, watch it from when it was in its prime, approximately Seasons 5-15.

    After that... yeah, goes downhill.
  5. xm0123's Avatar
    @Irothin Already saw that some time ago. Trespasser looks like it could've been a good game . . . had it been made with today's technology. I do still LOL at the "shameful secret" of Trespasser, though.

    @Beam and DP I prefer seasons 3 through 8 myself. While I would consider these seasons some of the best in the history of television, it's not like your life won't be complete without seeing The Simpsons, so don't feel left out, Beam.