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To Boldly Housesit

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I'm going to be house sitting for the next four days.

I don't know if I can fall asleep in a big house by myself. >_>

Well, I'll have a dog, at least.


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  1. Kotonoha's Avatar
    You're not by yourself if you're with a dog.
  2. Theocrass's Avatar
    I'm going to end up like Doctor Neville from I am Legend.

    Except I will never be the sexy man candy that Will Smith is.
  3. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    Have fun! And no worries, the dog will protect you if something happens, I'm sure.
  4. Theocrass's Avatar
    Thanks! ^_^

    But honestly, it's just the idea of being alone in the house kind of creeps me out!

    The neighborhood it's in is a lot better off than the one I live in, but I've never slept in a house alone.

    And I can't drive ...

    Well, my friend is going to join me for two days, so I guess two days by myself will be bearable.
  5. Mr. House's Avatar
    You'll be fine, like Beamy said, you have the dog and you got friends coming over soon. Plus, you're 18, grow a pair and deal with it.
  6. Kotonoha's Avatar
    Heh heh. Bearable.

    Also woah, you've really never spent a night alone? Even in your own house?
  7. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    Invite some chicks over and have sex, you big sissy. That's what we used to do...
  8. Theocrass's Avatar
    @ Mr. House: I'm not scared of other people, bro.

    Other people I can deal with. Very well actually.

    It's this irrational fear of ... like, when there's this big empty space, you ever get the feeling that it's not really empty? That there's just gotta be something else there with you?

    I am exaggerating my fear as I like to be dramatic whenever possible, but I'd be lying if I said that old fear wasn't going to bother me a little.

    @ Koto: Shaddup!

    Hm ... there might have been a few times ...

    I don't really remember any one time.

    If my mom's not around, than my uncle usually is.

    If neither of them are around, there's still my brother.

    Plus, I'm Mexican.

    There's always more than one person in the house at night.
  9. Theocrass's Avatar
    @ Crying_Vegeta: The one girl I might consider that with is in Italy. :P
  10. Theocrass's Avatar
    Wait, did you just suggest I have sex in my godmother's bed?
  11. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    You've got some pretty eccentric tastes if you can only get it up for girls you that are firmly out of your reach...

    My old fuckbuddy and i did it on her godmother's couch.

    ..and bed.
    Updated August 15th, 2012 at 11:48 PM by Crying_Vegeta
  12. Theocrass's Avatar
    Yeah, let's just say I wouldn't really be comfortable doing the same. :P
  13. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    Well at least I put my handlebar mustache to good use...
  14. Theocrass's Avatar
    Bitch, mine was dedicated to world peace.
  15. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Good luck with this, Bro-o-crass.

    Really. Best of luck.

    Oh, and what kind of dog is it?
  16. Theocrass's Avatar
    He's a mastiff.
  17. Mr. House's Avatar
    I wasn't even talking about you being afraid of other people. I'm saying that you have the dog and your friends will come over in about one day to support (read the italics real hard) you.
  18. Crying_Vegeta's Avatar
    mustache rides ARE world peace.
  19. Bittersweet's Avatar
    Theo, how old are you, really?
  20. Neir's Avatar
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