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Anime Revolution - Day 3

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Ah, the last day of Anime Revolution! As it happened, this was the day with the most rigid schedule, for me at least. Though, unfortunately, my friends and I left at 9 instead of 8, and so I didn't get there obsessively early to do everything at the convention.

There was about an hour or so before I planned to get in line for The Dark Side of Jouji Nakata, and in that hour I first got my commission ordered, for seven dollars from the same group of girls that sold me their awesome Mami print!

Here they are; the girl in the middle was the one who drew the Mami picture and my commission, and I'm really glad that they're planning on coming back next year!

Awesome Artists

After that I took a bunch of pictures, about thirty or so. Remember, I was making it my goal to get about 120 shots of different cosplays, and so I had to take that seriously. My pack mule friend was forced to follow me around as I rushed about the Dealer's Hall and Artist's Alley, getting pictures of anyone in what vaguely resembled a costume.

After that, though, it was time to get in the Jouji Nakata panel line, and as it turned out I was stuck in line for an hour or so; I thought the panel began about half an hour before it actually did. Luckily, as a result of this, I ended up near the front of the line! There were actually two full lanes of people waiting for Jouji Nakata's panel; a number of them were people who had been there the day before, just like me.

In the panel itself, once it started, I was one of the first to ask a question. I was honestly trembling as I approached the microphone to ask my question, but I turned my mind to steel and became a Beast's Lair superhero.

Yes, I had him record a shout out to us, and to the English-speaking fandom. At first, since the room was kinda loud, the translator and some other people couldn't get the forum name pronunciation right (Beast's Lair/Beast Slayer, lol), but eventually they did; then Jouji began his line to us, which actually went on for about a minute or so! I've got it saved on my phone, and since it's a tad bit difficult to get off of there, I'll be posting it up tomorrow when it's actually all configured and stuff. The quality isn't perfect, and he speaks most of it in Japanese, but it's him, and I found it really great. I was really happy that he did that shout out!

Jouji At His Panel

The rest of the panel was fun, almost as good as the first, and included gems such as:

Jouji Nakata giving a sneak peek at a few lines from the last Hellsing OVA, which he recently finished doing the voice work for; Jouji doing more Mr. Otou voices, which were awesome and showed off his vocal range; a demonstration of his loud, angry voice that was honestly quite scary; a rendition of "This is Sparta!" that he got to perform for the Japanese dub of 300; a sexy Nakata pick up line (Bath, dinner, or me?) done in his voice , asked by a couple of girls. It was hilarious, and he spoke half of it in English and half in Japanese, which made it even better.

He also gave an example of how he prepares himself for dubbing roles, with the central examples being his dubs of Leonidas of 300 and Mr. Big from Sex and the City: he gets the movie/show a few days in advance, and then he watches the whole thing once; he gets himself into an understanding of the character, and just as importantly studies the original voice, getting to know the emotions expressed in the scenes. He also takes care to pay attention to body language, like eyebrow movements and such.

When I went up to ask my question about the shout out, I also mentioned that the general opinion on Beast's Lair is that his voice is very sexy, and he laughed, along with the crowd.

One thing I found especially interesting was when he got some questions about his relationships with other voice actors; he's done a lot of work with fellow Type-Moon voices, like Maaya Sakamoto, Tomokazu Seki, and Akio Ohtsuda (who voiced Rider in Fate/Zero, if you don't know) - Akio in particular Jouji Nakata has a strong respect for, and he has a friendly relationship with Seki, with whom he often ends up in "partnered" roles, much like Kirei/Gilgamesh except with more fun bullying from one side or the other, which happens outside of voice sessions when they're hanging out, too. One notable part of his earlier voice acting career was when he, Seki and Sakamoto were working together on Vision of Escaflowne; Sakamoto was quite young at the time and still in high school, and so she would often come in to do her lines right after school, still in her sailor uniform. Nakata and Seki stood on the sidelines while she did her voicework in her school uniform, going, "Aww, she's so cute, she's so cute!" and messing around. So yes, Type-Moon voice actors have a lot of history together, even when it comes to the more recent ones like Akio Ohtsuda. Kirei and Gilgamesh are vitriolic bros in real life, and Shiki and Mikiya are married in real life. Funny how that works.

Finally, Jouji Nakata mentioned that if he could switch voices with anyone else, he'd choose a younger voice actor like Jun Fukuyama or Tomokazu Seki, but he also noted that his facial features are basically best suited to his own voice. In his time in Vancouver he went up to Whistler, but he didn't make it to the top, and there wasn't too much snow. Also, if he could make a wish on the Holy Grail, he'd want to be super rich. :P

Past the Jouji Nakata panel, I walked around in the Dealer's Hall and noticed that the Nostalgia Critic had a really short autograph line. Apparently it wasn't closed; it was just pretty empty, so I basically got to walk up to him and get his autograph, no line at all. He's a pretty cool guy, actually, and the way he acts in his videos is actually how he is in real life. I kinda wish I'd taken a picture, though. :|

My Autograph Art

Now with Nakata and the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker)!

My commission was still being worked on (the girls were quite busy with art!) and so I wandered around the area getting cosplay pictures. As it happens, I bumped into Jase, fellow Beast's Lair member! It was interesting to see him, and he was there at the Jouji Nakata panel as well! Hopefully he reads this! I can stalk you now, Jase! I'VE FELT YOUR TOUCH, THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

I was going to go to the Jessica Nigri Q&A panel, but I was lazy and wanted to up my cosplay photo score, so I did. Got my commission, too, and I was quite happy with it!

Commissioned Art

It's Chie Isurugi from KiraKira, one of my very favourite characters and a girl with criminally few fanarts.

Though I was determined to only spend money on the commission (as it turns out, autographs are free if you just bring something for them to sign; it's the prints that cost money, lol), I saw a really goddamn awesome Rider and Waver poster, and I knew I had to buy it. I shelled out twenty bucks for that, and I never looked back.

The rest of the day was spent chasing cosplayers around, which I did with ruthless efficiency. You can see the results below!

Cosplay, Round 3

Female Mario, I can dig it.

Gotta get my keions, bro.

It was fun to see some Fooly Cooly cosplay!

Another Lucy cosplay! YESSSSSS!

Seras Victoria, now joined by the legendary Afrocard.

Best Pokegirls.

Saber Alter???

It's the bunny girl from the maid cafe! Aggghhh, she's too cute!!

Amusingly enough, this girl ended up posing in two other pictures I took of different cosplayers. Total coincidence, too.

This is one way to take a shower. Og, and he was even speaking Simlish on earlier days, in other outfits.

Sometimes, it's easy to mistake a Tifa cosplay for a random girl wearing a black miniskirt and a white top.

This guy was fantastic; he was there all three dyas and was totally in-character.

Square Enix, Ubisoft, do I have your attention now? I'm calling it now, this is a plot point in AC 4.

Actually one of my favourite cosplays. Very fun, and very unique.

This is a man, by te way.

Lucy number three, and in another different outfit! I think my heart gave out around this point. So many Elfen Lied cosplayers! ;__;

I broke my back looking for this guy.

This one's for you, Leolo.

So cute, so yandere.

There were actually a lot of High School of the Dead cosplayers, all of them female.

[insert symbolism here]

It's Jessica Nigri, beside Bane!

Oh no, Yoko!

David Tennant has been eclipsed; all your TARDIS belong to Matt Smith now.

There was also a picture I got of a Joker who was really in-character and cool, but it broke, and I am sad.

I might be able to get it off my camera again, though.

And that's it; Anime Revolution 2012 has officially ended!

I didn't go to the closing ceremonies, since my friends wanted to head out. Apparently it was pretty great, though, and maybe it would have allowed me to get more cosplay pictures.

By the way, I might actually have achieved near 120 pictures today. I'll have to count them more closely today, but I'm definitely sure that my total number of cosplays captured for all three days is at least 200.

I hope this blog series was interesting to you all, and I'll be sure to post both the Jouji Nakata Beast's Lair shout out and a picture of my Rider and Waver poster, so stayt tuned for more!


  1. Char's Avatar
    These have been great Five and it's great to know that there is some broness between Jouji and Seki.

    The cosplay's are good especialy female Mario, did anyone not recognise your Kiritsugu?
  2. Elf's Avatar
    Hot damn, and thank you for getting the shout out. That must have been amazing.
  3. EvoSpace's Avatar
    Omg what in the world did you have Jouji shout out?! XDD
  4. Spinach's Avatar
    Holy crap, you got a Jouji Nakata shout out. I'd have fainted on the spot.
  5. Five_X's Avatar
    Oh my god it's EvoSpace! You never come around here anymore! ;__;

    People recognized me as Kiritsugu, but I didn't get anyone taking photos of me. Isn't it sad, Fivers?

    ^ Hey, I said I was trembling! But I managed it, and it was great. Sadly, getting stuff off of my phone is not the easiest thing to do, so I'll have to spend a while fiddling with that.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    That means it's probably time to buy a new phone. :P

    Still, definitely can't wait to hear what Jouji said. And it's great that he laughed at the sexy voice comment.
  7. Five_X's Avatar

    This is the Rider and Waver poster I bought, by the way. It was way too awesome not to get, I mean, seriously! I'm going to hang that on my wall, right above my computer, so that whenever I need advice, I can look up to my king, Iskandar!
  8. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Jouji Nakata and Doug Walker in the same day?

    I'd call that a success.

    Glad you had a whole ton of fun with the con. It was really interesting to find out what kind of relationships the voice actors have with each other, so that was a pretty cool tidbit.
  9. Mr. House's Avatar
    Glad it worked out for you in the end Kiri!

    Jessica as Rainbow Dash is hot (and I hate MLP, but still, hot~).
  10. Strange_One's Avatar
    Hot damn! GJ Fivex.

    That guy keeps getting more awesome! You should have caught "Bath, dinner, or me?" too though XD
  11. Jase's Avatar
    I'd say you have much more distinctive features than I do, so I believe I'll be doing the stalking!
  12. Neir's Avatar
    My god, you met the man himself. Well done!
  13. Char's Avatar
    Five, can you take a picture of the contender finished?