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Been awhile

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...since I've posted anything. Been (sorta) busy with life in general and such. Finally got around to having a few more tenhou matches for the first time in ages. Overall, it's still damn fun.

This one, this one was amusing as hell, as it came right on the heels of a very similar match that I fucked up. (in 1st by about 35k, but got knocked down to 2nd with a combination of bad playing on my part and crap draws)

Managed to stay on top for the entire game. That doesn't happen much to me, let me tell you. I still kinda suck at yaku knowledge and the finer points of the game elude me still somehow.

I'll not lie, a big part of my winning this one was luck. Several times one of my opponents riichi'd right after I did, and frankly it was just luck that let me come out on top.

Still, it was a damn fun match after the last one I had and serves as a reminder of why I still play:


Insane nazi mahjong matches on the moon. Fuck yeah. :3
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    How are you~? ^_^