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Let the Universe cry out in terror, for I have returned!

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I'm writing again. Yeah. I went there. Put words down on a page in such an order that they tell a COHERENT STORY.


In any event, I have my fics on a more regular update schedule as well, hopefully. Infinity is first, and the update is approaching completion, but Chaos Theory should be updated sometime in September, almost for certain.

And I have a surprise in store, but more on that... later.



  1. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    Dammit, now I'm going to need to get back onto a semi-normal update schedule if you're picking up your output rate.
  2. Elf's Avatar
    Yay, this is exciting news!

    I want more Chaos Theory damn it.
  3. Mr. House's Avatar
    Chaos Theory sometime in September..?

  4. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Nowhere and nothing is safe, then.
    Good thing I still have my umbrella and towel.
  5. Heroslayer's Avatar
    Yay! More Ilya Route!
  6. Petrikow's Avatar
    No lie, Chaos Theory is my favorite fic!