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Had no idea it was this late. Been doing fic research for an idea I have...different topic though.

I always thought making a cross between Fate/Tsukihime (or one of his other earlier works, one that more towards the magic aspect of things maybe) and Harry Potter along with that one other series where magic is involved in America (I think it's called "The Magicians" and its based in America. The main dude's name is like Quentin or something.)). It'd be interesting to see how it'd be puled off. Has it been done before? I feel like it's an easy topic/idea for a fanfic and just hoping it hasn't been done a thousand other times like my other idea probably has. (another reason why I don't want to post that here, plus it looks more like I'm begging since I don't have all the chars I need as I'm giving myself strict requirements for this one.Don't want anyone too OP or Mary-Suable, and also don't want a bunch of OP Servants since they are supposed to be 'fakes' anyways.)

It doesn't really have a plot just more if the universes co-existed together how would stuff all pan out? Like the Ministry of Magic, Atlas Institution and Magic Association would interact, how it would show things and also it's interesting to see the Eastern and Western sides to approaching magic. Honestly never got around to finishing Tsukhime though either, and I have not been able to find an adaptation of KnK(Kara no Kyoukai(?)) since I was thinking that would help in my "studies" as well.

My other idea is basically a prolouge of sorts leading up to Fate/EXTRA and dealing with the Harways group, England the other countries across the world, loss of mana in the world, dead population and things like that. However, I'd really not say anything, because I just don't think it will work well within the bounds of the Nasuverse or just with Servants and things in general. Or hell, just by even normal story writing standards I don't think I could pull it off. Not much of it has been planned out yet, as I said before, so I don't want to post anything until everything is fleshed out and worded correctly. It's horribly half-assed as of now lol, the 'plot' is a bunch of "uhms" and "maybes", nothing has been really decided as of yet.

Derp, found the link. Haven't read the book in a while though.