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Fanfic ideas 2

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Prologue for Harways actually sounds very intriguing
Thanks, but trust me it is not. More or less, the Harways want a way to the Grail, or Moon Cell as it is stated to be in AU. So they and other plutocrats who control England/Europe send scientists to study the Grail wars of the past and use their knowledge to build a device that is basically the predecessor to spirit hacking (think like the .hack series, Megaman Battle Network/StarForce, or anything similar.). They force people to go through this thing, which tries to replicate the process of the Grail Wars as best it can, and makes them Fake Servants and Masters in some sort of virtual reality thing like the SE.RA.PH. (This is where I start going "Derp") I don't think things like this would be possible in the Nasuverse or world, even saying that the time is about 2018s or a little bit later.

Here's what I've got from my design document. This is just a summary and I'm planning on writing a more detailed thing later. This is still a WIP of course, and I'm planning on adding a forum on to discuss things but at the same time I don't want to spoil people either.

Basic Plot: Big Bad Evil Corporation from England/London sanctioned by the Harways tries to find a way to the Moon Cell, by trying to replicate the earlier HG and study the way the MC does its own HG if it's even plausible, hiring a company that makes a VR like .hack game DEVICE (but it's not a video game, it's like a way to hack into the MC's core but people think they are playing a game or those that don't get what's going on at least.) that uses false Servants, and coerces young children/some magi (Dead Apostles?, evil magi who want to be DA's?, whatever...) into playing it. People die, betrayals happen, all that fancy stuff etc. but in the end the Harways get their data on the Moon Cell, how it works, what's it made of, the process in which it determines selection of Masters/Servants, blah blah. Before they never had the exact data, but now they know 100% and are going to stage Fate/EXTRA after perfecting their plans (which might be the sub plot for Shirou...and maybe Tousaka...)This false replication of the Moon Cell's War causes many people to die, mostly magus/children of the company owners who are forced, stabilizing the population of the Earth and making progress slowly come to a halt. The process which was used to duplicate the Moon Cell takes up a vast quantity of mana from the Earth, destituting parts of the land(? something to that effect, make it uninhabitable) weakening the Earth, magic power/seals and etc in general due to the loss of mana. The loss of mana also makes Magical Creatures, Phantasmal Beasts and etc start to die out (maybe?) or become endangered due to the fact that their natural habitats/food sources/fauna have been destroyed, they need a certain amount of mana in the land where they live to be sustained, or etc. Rivers dry up or become polluted, grass and trees burn out or start to die, weird stuff keeps happening, you know the drill here folks.

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