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The Sylentnight

Quintessence: The Blighted Venom ACT 1

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So before anyone asks:

Free download link to the game straight from the main website.

So yeah... I guess I'll talk about the game.

Small description & Summary of it?

It's sort of an RPG game made in like an RPG maker or whatever. But it focuses more on character interactions and the story it's self and less on the gameplay. Or Act 1 has so far. It has a mixture of puzzles and battles to do. But the battles didn't come until the end of ACT 1. Chapter... 4? 5?

The story focuses on a setting in like many other RPG's. A fantasy land that fits into medieval times and what not. Not completely, but close enough. One of the main characters made a wish at the very beginning of the game to never meet a certain person because apparently shit went down and everything was going to hell. So the God/Spirit/thingy/whateverthehellitis decides to allow him to go back in time, but it will be up to him whether or not he meets the person.The guy does through the same thing that he did a year ago but doesn't remember his wish. Won't continue about the story cause ya know, SPOILERS, many people do not generally like them in this internet world.

The battle system is okay I guess. Whenever you get into a fight, you walk around with the character and start shooting arrows or spells (depending on who you are using) while avoiding the monsters coming after you. Each character has a unique special ability only they could use. In fact, all of their moves are entirely theirs. Not one is the same. So far. You can switch between which character you are using and try to use a strategy to trap enemies and attack. Though I'm just running around shooting stuff and spamming magic attacks like no one's business. It's a bit difficult and I actually kind of got a cramp in my hand, but it was really fun.

The game it self I guess is not something special is this day and age but I had a lot of fun playing it and I am going to start ACT 2 later on. It gets slow at times and I kind of wish it had a 'Skip Scene' option because it most of ACT 1 is just talking. Not much to do.

This game was created by FreeBirdGames who a few may know from games like "The Mirror Lied" and "To the Moon".

If you are interested it's free to get the download the game. In fact I believe that most of the games there are free and the only one you have to pay for is "To the Moon".