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So we went from astronaut to wizards.

Anyways, Kamen Rider Fourze ended last week and we got the first episode of this year's Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider Wizard.

It's a nice step back into things since we have no high school students and we're back to adults. The main character Haruto, is pretty good. We got a solid look at his whimsical nature and a nice little flashback that shows both a deeper level of his character and the main plot of the series.

We have Phantoms as the monster of the week, which are monsters inside people called Gates. They literally break out of the Gate's body (killing them) when the Gate is filled with enough despair. So they go around making people go into despair (insert anime joke here) so that new Phantoms are born.

The belt is a little weird, but not as bad as Fourze's four switch system that I felt was a bit too bulky. The hand part switches sides for rings on each hand and the rings themselves are pretty cool if a bit bulky. Pulling objects out of thin air is never a bad trick, especially when you can do something as funny as pulling your bag of donuts you left on top of a light post while in a jail cell.

Wizard itself it a nice costume. Black with the main color high lighted nicely with each form.

I felt it was too early to show off the Style Change system. I think they should have waited a bit to debut each one and show it off a bit more than a simple one second switch to show off the ability.

The weird english and puns that the belt made is a bit... much... but I managed to enjoy Genta's devices puns and sound effects from Shinkenger so I guess it'll get better.

Anyways, not a bad start, but not the greatest start either. We'll see.