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On the Subject of School and Writing.

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On the school side of things, finally got my application for switching into the School of Communication and Information, and the journalism major, submitted tonight. I worked on the one page essay over the weekend, touched it up a bit, and put it in. Now it's just a waiting game on their response to see if I'll be accepted or rejected. I think my chances are pretty good and the acceptance rate is apparently pretty high, but I'm still a little nervous about it.

On the writing side of things: finally got the damn intro scene for Fellows completed tonight! Not entirely happy with it, but I'll send it out later to my friend to look it over and see what he has to say. Honestly, this is what I get for taking some monologues and aspects of Utena and applying it or rewording it for FSN characters. Past that, hopefully, the chapter should flow nicely enough. It's definitely going to be a touch more Archer-centric, and you'll see a little more of his bond with Utena here since so far she's been spending most of her time with Lancer.

I'm also thinking I'll follow Moczo's lead and try to write at least one page of fanfiction each day. It's not how I prefer to do it, honestly; part of the reason why I'm such a slow updater is because I like to be able to sit down for a few hours and bang out several pages of a story or a chapter, but doing that is way too slow. I'll get started on that tomorrow with Fellows.

So, yes. Definitely going to be an update for Fellows either sometime this week or this weekend, and then it's up in the air if Rain or Steel will be updated next. Steel is stirring more for me recently, but we'll see how it goes.


  1. Aiden's Avatar
    Oh, you like the 'sit down and bang out several pages at a time' method too? Hah.
  2. Hymn of Ragnarok's Avatar
    Good luck with your application!

    And yeah, writing every day is probably a good policy. I know some people who try to do 500 words a day. I'd like to be that productive myself, but writing is something I do for fun. Graduate school has priority, so if I'm not finished that....

    In any case, looking forward to seeing Fellows! Ought to be interesting.
  3. Moczo's Avatar
    First, congrats on your application. Good luck, and best wishes. You shall be a journalist yet! Hard-hitting reporter (With your secret identity of SuperBeams.).

    Second... awesome, I have given inspiration on the Beamwriting!

    And hey, it works. The fun thing about it is, a page of fanfiction is really not as much as it sounds, if you use the right paragraph spacing. And it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment to make a goal and then stick to it, which helps you actually succeed at keeping to it. If you can get more, awesome, if not: you still met your goal. I've had a lot of luck with the 'one page' system.
  4. Elf's Avatar
    Good luck on getting accepted. I pretty much think you will.

    I agree with Moczo. Tues, Wens, and Thurs, if I don't have to do early overtime, I try to write at least a page every night. Tues and Thurs I try to dedicate to original fiction and Wens is up for fanfic. Unless I'm in a groove with the original stuff, which I am not going to shunt due to a routeen. (It's more important anyway.)

    Weekends I try to write as much as possible as Roadbuster's asleep. If there's nothing going on. There usually is stuff going on.
  5. Aiden's Avatar
    Huh. I'm gonna have to try this sometime; as a psychology major I really do have to accede to the reality that self-referential positive reinforcement can do wonders in moderation.
  6. Mr. House's Avatar
    Looks like I found some good advice. Thanks Beamy, Mozzie, and Elf~!
  7. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Congrats, Beam. ^^

    ...I'm still learning the art of "writing even without inspiration". Probably should get past that...maybe just stop worrying about not having a "muse" at times and that like.
    Sadly, my best writing tends to be when I try humor without any restraints. Which means NO PLOT. ;A;

    Moczo has the extremely rare and uncanny ability to write crack *and* plot. So jelly. Oh-so very jelly. ;w;