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Well, the forum overhaul is a nice surprise. There have been things that I wanted to "tweet" you all about but didn't want to bother making a new thread just to share a few tidbits.

My life is a jumble of working for an ambulance company, going to school, translamating for a Certain Video Game Company That If You Don't Know Which One By Now Then Too Bad, going to school, and sometimes translating for fun. I'm sure we can get something interesting out of that.

So shoot me some suggestions/votes about what you'd like to hear me talk about. Such as:
- Excuses for stalling on F/HA
- Video game work stories (within reason)
- Crazy medical emergency tales
- Things I buy

Today, some things I had backordered in the mail came in. Photos later, or in relevant threads. Speaking of which, I wonder if those like the Recent Loot Thread will go away now.
Yeah, so Rider figma, Saber Alter figma, 15th Anniversary Tales of Vesperia PS3 version, and a textbook. aw yeah.


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