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The Joys of having a job.

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So I am now employed and to celebrate I went on a spending spree this is what I bought/ordered.

Jam by Yahtzee Crosshaw
12 books by Ian Irvine (one of my fav authours)
Assassins Creed 3 Join or Die Edition
Halo 4 Special Edition
Ni no Kuni Special Edition
Lotr Illustrated Edition
The Hobbit Illustrated Edition

I know that looks like a lot, but most of it is on order so I will be able to save up to pay for each of them in between each thing.
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  1. Neir's Avatar
    dat feel
  2. SeiKeo's Avatar
    >Get employed
    >Blow all cash from said swiftly


    Just messing with ya, good on you.
  3. Char's Avatar
    Its a good feeling being able to buy whatever I want for once. Its why I wasn't on BL for a while.
  4. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    Good luck with the job!
  5. ZidanReign's Avatar
    dat similar feel when going to college after paying your semester's tuition and books get reimbursed each subsequent month in the semester and so on and so forth until I get my degree in 2 years or so.

    hooray for monies!
  6. Char's Avatar
    @RB Thanks!

    @Zidan I should do that too, I have a couple of books lying around from first year, hmmm
  7. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Char
    @Zidan I should do that too, I have a couple of books lying around from first year, hmmm
    Hey, I'm only getting that because my father (rest his soul) was 100% Disabled before he passed on and I was eligible and approved for Chapter 13 Reimbursement for Advanced Education from the Department of Veteran's Affairs. To get the highest amount eligible, I have to have 12 credit hours each semester at least.

    I get nothing during summer break.