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Good start to the day.

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So I got up this morning a touch later than I normally do because my first class isn't until 11:30. Made my bed, got dressed, ate breakfast (noted I forgot to lock my dorm room door last night... derp), and signed on to check my e-mail as I tend to do when I have time to kill so I can stay on top of things with my friends and classes.

As many of you will recall from my string of blog posts on the subject, I've decided to shift over to the journalism major. This requires a complete shift in schools in the system (I'd be going from School of Environmental and Biological Sciences to School of Communication and Information), so I needed to fill out an application and submit it, which I did way back when on October 1st. I wasn't expecting a reply until November.

Got my reply this morning, in fact. I'm accepted!

So in a few weeks' time I'll need to check Degree Navigator to make sure the changes have been made. I'll also need to get to work on declaring that animal science minor. More importantly, this means I can now register for the major-specific classes that come up in spring 2013, so I'll need to find time to talk to an adviser from that school.

Needless to say I called my mom up squealing like a little girl on Christmas morning (tried to call my dad first before I remembered he was at work... derp). I was told the acceptance rate was high, but knowing I'm actually in now for good and a step closer to where I want to be is a huge relief.

Today is off to a good start!
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  1. Enhance's Avatar
    I expected title to be sarcastic... Congratulations then!

    Would be funny ironic if you also noticed missing phone/cash/underwear (door not locked, derp)
  2. Bittersweet's Avatar
    Hah! RB wins a day! :D
  3. Laith's Avatar
  4. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Congrats, and good luck on the change!

    I need to talk about getting mine changed, too...
  5. Lancelot's Avatar
    Congrats Beam, I hope you'll like it.
  6. Aiden's Avatar

    Good news all around, since I know how much of a pain the old major was getting to be for you.
  7. Nicktendonick's Avatar
    Indeed that is good. congratulations Beam.
  8. TetsuoS2's Avatar
    Congrats! You're now somewhere you want to be.