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It's here because I can't find C_V's thread. Did it get deleted when he was banned?


Now salivate.

Hopefully my ramen cravings will be passed to you, and no longer again will I wish to consume such a sinful treat.

... Also, I forgot how to tag blog posts. Herp derp.

Updated October 18th, 2012 at 09:09 AM by Apple



  1. Bittersweet's Avatar
    I love eggs in ramen! ^_^
  2. Enhance's Avatar
    Looks like... instant noodles?
  3. Apple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Enhance
    Looks like... instant noodles?
    Yeah, instant seafood ramen.

    My friend put up a pic of her cheese-layered Korean ramen last week. Subtle and deadly advertising.
  4. Enhance's Avatar
    I dislike seafood but the "cheese-layered" sounds seductively delicious. I shall be reminded to buy cheese on way back home.
  5. Bittersweet's Avatar
    Cheese ramen?

    Not sure if want...