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Revisiting High School and shenanigans...

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So, this week I went back to my old high school (right now I am in college) with a couple of friends to some kind of cultural week.

The school was completly changed, which sucks because now everything seems tight and small, and the old places that used to bring good memories are now gone, whatever then. Well at least Chuck Norris still works at the Cafeteria (the man is a copy of Chuck Norris, unfortunately no pics) and he is still awesome has always.

I met with a couple of friends from school that I usually hang out (or at least used to until all of us started getting busy with college stuff) and we had a good time and all, there was a lot of good food from many countries (Germany, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Peru, China and India) and there were some decent bands playing too.

Then we started to notice how things were boring/below_our_spectations. I mean, on our time the cutural week was ultra hyped, we did used to do some very good job to get everything set up and going, we even had a talent show, homemade movies, etc. Now all we see is a bunch of youngsters that are doing a half-ass job that end up being boring and 'meh'. least there was a dance group that performed Gangnam Style this year, it was hilarious.

We came to the conclusion that back at our time everything was more awesome in high school then now, well too bad for them I guess.

Anyways, aside from these friends I hang out since High school, I didn't see any other familiar faces (ok just one), which sucks too. Just a few people end up still getting in touch when the high school is over, sometimes we lose contact and events such as this one would be a great opportunity to see and talk with them, too bad. At least I got to see a friend again I didn't see in a long time and got her number to get in touch ( What's wrong with these people that don't have any way of contacting via online medias like FB or Skype >: when we lose contact the only way to meet again is by luck, which I don't have).


  1. Gabriulio's Avatar
    1st: lol for the "virgins for sacrifice" tag.

    In my school things are always done halfassed too, and the science fair (the closest thing we have to a cultural week) is actually pretty boring. ¬¬

    Você está ficando velho. Sua reação ao estado da sua escola é estranhamente similar a um velho rabugento que fica falando "No meu tempo as coisas eram melhores!". Não pude evitar de fazer a associação.