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Random Sengoku Rance Tips

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Lol. Who plays Sengoku Rance anymore. Rance Quest is out. Upgrade yo play, girl. :P

Was playing SR in school today (yes, played hentai in school) and I just thought I'd jot down a couple of strategies I tend to use. Also, if anyone has any strategies they like to used, I'd like to hear them. I'm always up for improving my game.

Do not underestimate the usefulness of ninjas: I find my ninja units to be some of the most useful units in the game. Not only are they fast, but they have so many little skills and tricks that I just find plain useful. For example, Shuriken negates preparation. Attacks that take preparation may not be so annoying on 1st time playthroughs, but they can really irk you late game and on other playthroughs. But most importantly is freaking Assassination Guard. Iíve played Rance a lot so I know itís not 100%, but it darn near 80-90% chance of negating those annoying Assassination skills. This really helps keep your good fighters from dying and I usually make an effort to have it before I fight Tokugawa (with can be annoying in speed runs). Donít recommend it on Suzume or Gekkou, but on others it really useful.

Miko > Archer: Miko units are basically Archer units that can heal. Aside from Yamamoto and the two special generics that she can add to your army, mikos should generally be chosen over archers. Tacticians are okay too, but with Natori being the only ďgoodĒ miko early on, I find it helpful to build up at least another one before I get Chinu.

Yuzuhara is your friend: Musket units pretty much suck and are not worth it. They are slow, have low action, are expensive, and are pretty frail considering you have to put them on the frontline. All except for Yuzuhara. Sheís really the only Musket unit I would go out of my way for. Her default attack, Aim and Shoot, has a seemingly high chance of insta-killing a general and her turn tends to come up fairly quick. One of the few characters Iíd recommend dropping some action books on.

Scout, scout, scout!: Unless youíre going up against someone that you just know you can steamroll, you better scout. Always. This not only gives you a good idea of who to send into battle, but also who you should keep from taking any actions that turn. Nothingís worse than being attacked by an enemyís best units and all you have are your weak generics. Tacticians and Ninjas generally have good scouting abilities, but if you canít complete a scouting action with one unit, Iíd say just go in blind.

Senhime and the Nuhe: One of the more frustrating parts of Sengoku Rance is keeping Senhime from leaving you out of boredom. Sheís one of the best units early on and a fairly good unit later if youíve invested in her. But, doing the annoying 3 losing battle thing is annoying. WellÖ not really. Battles that you are scripted to lose/retreat from still count as loses without the worry of generals being killed. This is why sending Senhime into the battles against the Nuhe is so handy. Cause thereís three of them.

Maeda Keiji and Gracia: Both of them can be obtained pretty early on, but only Keiji is useful when you look at it. Gracia is only a slightly buffed version of her father which really isnít worth the investment when compared to Keiji. But chances are you wonít have a really reliable Tactician unit until later in the game. So if youíre desperate for a stronger buff-bot, go ahead and get Gracia, but only after Keiji.

Underworld Clock: A bunch of my friends complained about the Underworld Clock and how useless it was. But I think quite the opposite. After all, itís not an item to attack with, but to defend with. It basically minimizes overall loses by shortening the length of the battle, so itís perfect for defending against strong enemies that you canít beat at the moment. In addition, it works well with skills that affect the battle rating.


  1. Five_X's Avatar
    Wait, Rance Quest has been translated already?!
  2. Sei's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X
    Wait, Rance Quest has been translated already?!
    No. But they're working on it. :P
  3. Five_X's Avatar
    Then it doesn't count as being out!! >:|

    I am disappointed. You got my hopes up, there.
  4. Sei's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X
    Then it doesn't count as being out!! >:|

    I am disappointed. You got my hopes up, there.
    I'm sorry. It's just that all the people who can read japanese keep laughing at me. ;^;
  5. Marth's Avatar
    I won't ever play RQ anyway. They killed off my favorite character, those bastards. ;__;

  6. Sei's Avatar
    She will be missed. But at least we still have Kenshin. T^T
  7. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Playing hentai in school, eh?

    Well, to be fair, Rance is one of those "Plot with porn" sorts, and odds are you're probably playing the game more than looking at boobs. But yes, my friend, you are bold, but are you... daring?