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Persona 4 Golden is out now! Grab your copy for the holiday season!

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Seriouisly, I am damned proud of this game and all of the people that poured their effort into it. If there was ever a time to get a Vita, it's this holiday season!

...says the guy whose wallet is drained after finally buying a 360. -__- I'm saving up for a Sig Sauer, so yeah... but goddamn that Assassin's Creed Liberation White Vita bundle looks so tempting.

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I love you and your workmates Mewarmo


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God damnit.

Okay, FINE!

I'm buying the goddamn Vita bundle!


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Looks legit to me. Or at least, I remember there's a commu scene with Mari involving what beefsteak is called, that wouldn't have made much sense without tweaking. And the joke makes sense there.

But I guess only Mew can say for sure.
I feel like we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make Japanese in-jokes and puns somehow work in English. But when we hear the reactions from the fans, it's totally worth it. The editor who managed to work the "AWWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAHHHHH" meme into one of the DS Devil Survivor games and then have that made back into a meme image by a fan was incredibly pleased with himself.
I was in the same position as y'all once; enjoyed the hell out of P3's localization even having played most of the Japanese version.

One of the cool things about my job has been finally knowing people IRL who share some of my lesser-known interests. Not to toot my own horn, but talking to someone who's worked on some of my favorite games ever about my own contributions to the Fate/Zero and Fate/hollow ataraxia amateur translations was fun for both parties. (like "Yeah! I always wondered how we could say that in English, that stupid Nasu and his stupid made up words")
See? In a way, the feelings of Beast's Lair have made their way to Atlus!

For a lot of us, there are always games that we'd love to see made in English, but that we ourselves don't think it's worth doing a commercial localization for a lot of practical reasons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990
    Thank you again to everyone that buys this. Partly because it feels good, mostly because I'm guaranteed several more months of gainful employment.

    Kidding. You people are awesome.
    When's Persona 5 or else I won't hoard off my money to buy this, a vita, and then hoard off money for Five.
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