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The life of a Ki User

Why I've been away so long

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Warning: Links are rather picture heavy. VERY picture heavy. 1 meg plus for each picture.

You have been warned.

The Yurt platform is nearly done. In the past 3 months, I've managed to get the wood lattice walls completely done, the compression ring started, the gravel for underneath the floor done, the platform framework done, then redone twice more... and the platform nearly completely built. 15 boards, 16 at the most to put down, when it's a dry day, and then it's done.

Here is a picture of the first lattice wall. 143 screws and wingnuts for each wall, if you're wondering.

Here is the second, and the third.

Now here, is a picture of the compression ring.

Here, here, here, here, here, and here are pictures of the various stages of the decking framework, then the deck.


  1. Reekwind's Avatar
    That HAD to get tedious, awesome job though It's reasurring to see someone who's not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  2. RanmaBushiko's Avatar
    Yes, yes it was tedious. Additionally, I just managed to finish off the rest of the deck (Thank god it's done!) Had two dry days, last Saturday and Sunday, so I managed it.
    Might post pictures later. And yeah, considering this is going to be where my own small home will be until I can afford land, I want it to last. And be comfortable to live in. The deck's made out of Cedar, I plan on putting carpeting down at least over a small chunk of it when I can. It's drying out over the last two days, since it's been sunny today, and should be tomorrow, too.
    Next is getting the rest of the bamboo poles, getting the door frame (And door!) built, finishing off the compression ring by getting the stupid thing drilled out, and finishing the Wand comission I got off Etsy to get about 50 bucks of extra spending money for it all.
    Then it's just tedious work, such as assembling it all, measuring out everything, taking it apart again, putting down screws into the deck so the general shape of the final circle's understood... and so I have an idea of what size the door frame needs to BE... yeah.
    And then it's buying the rope for the outside walls, to hold it on, the vinyl walls and roof, the skylight dome, a steel cable that'll work as a compression cable, that'll go on the top, wool blankets to insulate the inside...
    followed up by me having to drill out the 49 bamboo poles so they'll have the steel cable fit through them all, and then putting it all together...
    Then buying furniture, or building furniture and moving in.