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Selected MMO Sales (or Freebies)

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Yes, Lord of the Rings Online (or LoTRO, as its commonly called) is indeed Free to Play, but there have been a number of expansion packs and bonus content that has been released since the game came out in 2007.

This week (until Nov 27), all of these are 50% off on Steam, including the nifty Steam Starter Pack, which comes with a +68% speed mount, 1000 Turbine Points, and 3 full quest packs. More details here:

There are many things I could say about TERA and its revolutionary combat system (though its questing leaves something to be desired), but why talk about it when you can experience it for yourself?

With TERAís Discovery Edition, you can play TERA free up to level 28óno time restrictions! All you need is an En Masse account to download the Discovery Edition. If you donít have an account, just go to the En Masse login page and create one. Once you validate your email address, you will see the option to download TERA. Start playing instantly, absolutely free!

And if you want to get the game, well its $5 on Amazon!!

Coming as no surprise to pretty much anyone in the know, SWTOR has gone Free to Play, but...not too free. Feel free to give it a spin, if you wish, as the story and voice acting is decent, but in execution, its more or less like every other MMO.

And of course, my personal favorite, The Secret World, which has come a long way since release. Full disclosure - I am a lifetime subscriber, so I may be a little biased, but I find the ability system (where you can choose your own weapons - and abilities, building a "deck" with great synergy) to be rather charming, allowing you to play without being locked into a set "class", if you don't want. The quests are also rather interesting, reminiscent of adventure/puzzle games as much as a traditional MMO experience, and the soundtrack is quite nice, really. Its also in a modern setting, which means one has access to things like guns, rocket launchers and Chainsaws(!) as well as the standard sword and magic one might otherwise use.

...and yes, our first Raid boss is indeed a Tentacle Monster in the Heart of New York. Defeat it in 10 minutes or the US Military bombs the city!

Play the 5-Day trial (Or 3, if you don't complete 30 missions) and get some nifty in game bonuses: 1200 Funcom points for finishing 30 missions, and a special Ring for extra EXP (that means more abilities unlocked!) if you beat the first dungeon!

Currently $22.50 on Steam or $15 on Origin, so try it today!

Updated November 23rd, 2012 at 05:00 PM by alfheimwanderer

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  1. Enhance's Avatar
    Last time I checked (Well, more like, last time my friend tried to make me play it), LoTRO was not F2P (it was maybe 4-5 years ago), did that change or something?
  2. ZidanReign's Avatar
    They changed it to F2P for about 2 years or so if I remember correctly.

    Since then, they've been raking in Cash like a fat piggy bank
  3. alfheimwanderer's Avatar
    Yeah, LoTRO went F2P - and now is earning 3x more than they ever did as pay to play.