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Chaos Greyblood

Checking out the judicial building and....

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Well, the building is pretty modern and this seems to be a pretty good option for my line of work because now they called me in order to take a look at the place where I may be able to help out in some audiences. There were some issues I checked and took notes, so I think I have an idea of what to expect when I get called upon. This summons was a little surprising from Wednesday, but this will work out.

Also, I've received Batman: Arkham City: GOTY edition and I think both my brother and I are looking forward to get into it. So yeah.


  1. Raven2785's Avatar
    Good for you Chaos, it's always nice to see people moving up in the world.

    About Batman, if you want to explore and do side quests don't rush towards the ending, side missions get locked out after you finish the game.
  2. Chaos Greyblood's Avatar
    Yeah, the city is rather big. I'll take a look around.

    As for the call they gave me, I suppose that's another option that's been added because I'll be able to earn some good dough when they need me. That said, I'm up for service free of charge, but that only applies 1 time a year. After that, I'm free to collect my payment once they summon me for my services.
  3. Nicktendonick's Avatar
    Hey, congrats man. I wish you the best of luck man.

    Also, super big spoiler on BB:AC. I mean like super duper big. Look for the spoiler.
    The guy in charge, Hugo Strange, is a bad guy.

    XD. I hear it's an amazing game. You definitely picked a good title. For me, I'm stuck on the first one, sidetracked by god knows what. I vowed I'm not buying the second until after I beat the first. And good thinking too, figuring I could have paid 60+DLC, now I just pay 30-ish bucks instead (by the time I get to it, that should be the price...)

    If I may ask, what bonuses came with your edition? I remember there was some goodies in (and one DLC voucher) the new copies of the GOTY edition.